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Invest in your passions and build your brand, with minutes per week makes storytelling and brand building easy, through smart content and automated channels. Within 5 minutes we'll deliver your personal website (your paper), and every day we'll update it with the best content from the web. The rest is for you to customize through simple micro-tasks, like pinning content, adding links, and sharing comments on your favorite articles.

How it works

Three quick steps to having your own website, with new great content every day.

Step 1: Select topics that you're passionate about

These can be a combination of professional topics, personal interests and passions. Sources include our smart topics (made up of all the web), or choose your own sources (specific websites, Twitter users or lists, etc.)

Step 2: Personalize your web paper

In minutes we'll generate your website. Now you can customize the header image, social channels, introduction and more.

Step 3: Share content, create awareness, build your brand

Each day we'll update your website with the best curated content from the web on the topics you select. We'll send you regular prompts through email to take simple actions to keep your website active, such as pinning articles, adding links, and sharing the best content on your social channels and emails.

Content for all your channels

Create awareness and engagement with a multi-channel experience.

Social networks

Social networks

Attract and build relationships by sharing fresh content tailored to your audience.

Web newspaper

Web newspaper

Create a web presence using your online newspaper or enhance your own website with your curated content.

Email newsletter

Email newsletter

Establish yourself as the "go-to" source by sending out regular newsletters filled with your collected content.

Save time with our seamless integrations works with your favorite apps and web services to help you do more with your content. Set up automations for your social networks and newsletters and integrate content directly on your website.

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