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People are going to Google you - will they be impressed by what they find?

Your LinkedIn profile is a start, but you're more than your job. Customers, recruiters, investors, managers - they want to know the real you, including your interests and passions. But most of us don't have a portfolio to share, products to sell or a team to keep a whole website active. What would you put on that site and how can you keep it fresh?

Create a personal page that updates itself

You have passions, interests and hobbies. You have a story to tell, things you care about and want to share. You select the topics, we'll bring the best articles, videos and images for you to publish automatically on your page. Simple & always looking fresh.

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Your home base

Join the digital pieces of YOU becomes your own living and breathing personal space that represents who you are. Made up of what you're reading, what you’re posting on social, your favorite podcasts, your latest sounds, movies and images. A place where everything comes together.

How it works

4 quick steps to having your own website, with new great content every day.

01/ Select your topics

These can be related to your career, your personal interests, or select just one topic you'd like to create influence on. You decide how many to combine.

02/ Personalize your page

In minutes we'll generate your page with inspiring content based on your topics. Now you can customize the header image, social channels, introduction and more.

03/ Read your daily digest

Every day we'll send you an email with the best content from the web on your topics. Use this content to read, share, and add to your page.

04/ Share on social and send newsletters

You'll have access to an easy to use email newsletter publisher that can be deployed as frequently as you'd like. Schedule publishing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using our Social Media Agent.

Create a page about you

If building your personal brand is your goal, choose content that represents all your layers - work, personal & passions. You decide what you want to be known for.

Create a page about a topic

If passionate about a single topic, create a page that focuses solely on this. Get the content you need to publish on your social channels. Become a thought leader.

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