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The key to a great newspaper is a great newsroom. The platform gives you access to an ever-expanding universe of articles, blog posts, and rich media content. automatically processes more than 250 million social media posts per day, extracting & analyzing over 25 million articles. Only lets you tap into this powerful media flow to find exactly what you need, and publish it easily on your own online newspaper.


Select your sources. The newsroom.

Quickly and easily add any combination of content sources to create your news site. Then prioritize them and add filters to best reflect the type of news you want. Not interested in a certain site or content contributor? No problem. You can control the sites and individual contributors that appear on your news site.

We support numerous sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and RSS feeds as just about all other content from across the web.


Customize. Make it your own.

Give your audience the news they want, when they want it -- and in their language. Define the frequency and update times for your news site, the topic sections that should be covered and in the language that speaks to your audience! Then add a little pizzazz to your paper with a custom color and font scheme and upload a background image to finish it off.

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Promote. Grow an audience. has awesome promotional tools to help you promote your new site, your business and you - and all for free!

Let us help you promote your news with our award winning promotional tweet, daily email digests, and fully embeddable news widgets for your site or blog. All of our tools are designed to help engage, grow and retain the right audience looking for your news.

Looking great on all devices.

All newspapers boast a responsive design and look great on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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Free for all features to make the most of your newspaper.

Scheduled updates

Decide the frequency and the time-of-day that each new edition of your paper is published


Readers can easily subscribe to your paper and receive an email notification for each new edition.


Add the bookmarklet to your browser to grab content or feeds from any web page and add them to your paper in 1 click.

Editor's note.

Tell your readers exactly what your paper is all about, share insights on your passions, or invite like-minded people to contact you.


Opt to send a tweet automatically to your followers each time a new edition is published.

Fully embeddable

Display any paper on your website by simply pasting a few lines of code.

Custom background

Personalize the look of your paper with an image or additional branding.

Usage statistics.

Track visits to your paper, subscribers, invitations, and more.

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