No-Refund Policy (only apply to Pro)

Last revised December 18, 2014

Since Pro is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods during a certain period of time (monthly or yearly), we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the license to use is granted.

Whether you have signed up for the monthly or the yearly plan, you can cancel your Pro plan at any time and downgrade to the free Service. You are solely responsible for properly cancelling your account. Cancelling your Pro Plan may cause the loss of certain Pro features. does not accept any liability for such loss.

How to cancel your Pro plan? Follow these instructions to cancel your plan.

Cancellation effective date
If you cancel your monthly subscription plan, your subscription will remain Pro until the end of the 30-day billing cycle. If you cancel your yearly subscription plan, your subscription will remain Pro until the end of your 12-month contract. In either case, (monthly or yearly) once you have cancelled your plan, you will not be billed again at the end of the billing cycle.

If you cancel before the end of your billing cycle, we do not offer refunds or credits for a partial month (or year) of service.

Automatic renewal
Our Pro plans renew automatically at the end of the billing cycle, unless you cancel your plan prior to the renewal date. For the yearly plan, you will be sent a reminder email one week prior to the automatic renewal date.

If you neglect to cancel your subscription prior to the renewal, we do not offer a refund or credit.

Disruption of Services
Although we are committed to make every effort to provide a high level of availability for our Services, we are unable to guarantee continuous, fault-free availability. also reserves the right to perform maintenance on our Services, which may result in a temporary disruption.

Please be advised that a temporary disruption of any of our Services is not cause for a refund or credit.

In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions to our policy will be made, apart from those detailed below. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion.

We do honor requests for a refund (or will credit your account against future charges) in certain situations including:

  • Non-delivery of the Pro plan: your credit card was charged for a subscription but you accidentally deleted your subscription, intending to ‘start over’. In this case, if you create a new subscription, we will reimburse you for the deleted subscription so that you are not billed twice.

  • Wrong account upgraded: you have mistakenly upgraded the wrong paper. If you upgrade a replacement paper, we will reimburse you for the paper mistakenly upgraded.

  • Coupon incorrectly entered: you have been offered a coupon code to enter upon upgrade and the discount was not applied correctly. In this case, we will apply a credit (not a refund) of the correct discount amount to your account.

For more details about Pro plans, please visit this article in our Help Center.

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