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  • Curate articles, videos, and images
  • Organize content with the default topic section menu
  • Curate even more content; create your own topic sections
  • Organize content with your own topic section menu
  • Save time curating your content
  • Content updates automatically with each new edition
  • Content presented based on automatic ranking
  • Add content on-the-fly while surfing the web
  • Save time and have more control over content
  • Let your paper editions auto-update or manually curate each edition using suggested content.
  • Ensure articles from your favorite content sources are always included in headlines
  • Add content on-the-fly to your current edition or your next, draft edition
  • Create newsletters powered with content
  • Send out a basic newsletter with headline article
  • Create fully customized newsletters superpowered with your content, your own message and branding
  • Choose between three newsletter formats
  • Add your own message to subscribers
  • Control the email subject and alias
  • Add a banner image
  • Send out newsletter using Mailchimp to your own contact list
  • Collect Newsletter Subscribers
  • Subscription box for visitors to subscribe
  • Attract more subscribers and gain access to subscriber emails
  • Subscription box for visitors to subscribe
  • Invite your contacts to subscribe
  • Activate a subscription invite overlay
  • Embed a subscription widget into your outside website
  • View and download the emails of your subscribers
  • Personalize your paper
  • Change color scheme, font and background image
  • Personalize your paper with ads, videos, images, and more
  • All basic, plus favicon and banner
  • Set up a custom domain for your paper
  • Control your own ad space
  • Fine tune your "social media profile" in the editor’s section
  • Stand out visually. Get inspired by these staff picks
  • Attract traffic to your paper
  • Auto-promote each edition on Twitter and on your personal Facebook/Linkedin timelines
  • Embed your content into a website with a widget
  • Attract traffic to your paper, to your blog or website
  • Auto-promote to both individual timelines and business Facebook page or Linkedin page you manage
  • Embed your entire paper, complete with customizations, ads, and branding into a website
  • Customize your posts; add a #hashtag to attract followers and increase visibility
  • Promote your embedded paper URL to point traffic to your own site and not the paper itself
  • Support
  • Forum and self-help support
  • Prioritized Support
  • Prioritized, direct email contact with support team

Frequently asked questions

How do I upgrade?

Click the main menu icon (top left), sign in, and select the paper you wish to upgrade from your list of papers in the menu. Next, open your Paper Settings Dashboard Menu (cog icon, upper right) and click on the gold "Upgrade to Pro" button! A Pro subscription costs just $9 per month or save money and purchase the annual plan at $99 per year.

Can I be sure my credit card information is safe? is Level 1 PCI DSS certified for the highest levels of payment security. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a data security standard for organizations that handle credit and debit card information. This standard is defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and was created to increase controls around credit card data and reduce fraud via its exposure. You can learn more about PCI compliance here.

How can I downgrade to the basic/free service?

You can easily cancel your subscription and downgrade at any time from your account settings. Follow these instructions for step-by-step help. Your subscription will end after the active billing cycle, and your paper will automatically convert to the basic/free service.

Can I get a refund if I downgrade?

You can downgrade at any time, but we do not offer pro-rata refunds on a partial month (or year) of service that you have already paid for. See Charges and Billing section in our Terms of Service.

Can I put whatever advertising I want on my Pro paper?

You can add a hyperlinked image, video, HTML code, or iFrame to the ad space on your Pro paper, as long as you adhere to the terms. Or you can remove the ad space all together. If you publish your paper on your own domain, then you can inject ads from your own Google AdSense account.

Still have more questions? Visit our Help Center or Contact Us!