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Webpages for all your people. And fresh content to share every day.

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Help build the digital presence of your people

People trust people more than they trust brands. Help your ambassadors build their digital profiles with smart content to share, and tools to grow their presence.

Get your people the content they need

They select the topics, we'll deliver the best news, articles and videos from the web, every day.

Give them your branded content to share

Help your people consume and amplify important news. Scale your content to their webpages, newsletters and social channels.

Personal marketing with a few minutes

Update your webpage, share on social and deploy newsletters, all within a few clicks from mobile or desktop.

A marketing toolbox to build your digital presence

Personal website

Updated with company content, curated news from the web, and integration of their social activity.

Email newsletter

Customers and followers can subscribe to employee pages and get content in their mailbox.

Social publishing

Your team can schedule their content to be published on their social channels.

Plus, all the features included in our Pro and free plans

Scheduled updates

Decide the frequency and the time-of-day you want fresh content delivered.


Readers can easily subscribe to your paper and receive an email notification for each new editions.


Add our bookmarlet to your browser to grab content or feeds from any web page.

Social posts

Send posts automatically to your social accounts on each paper update. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Add your branding with your own images, colors and logo.

Fully embeddable

Display fresh content on your website by pasting a few lines of code.

Are you an ambitious brand or agency looking to scale safe personal branding?

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