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How rescuers are working to get inside the ferry – Anderson Cooper 360 - Blogs

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상식이그립다 - Rescuers working to reach passengers trapped inside the South Korean ferry are facing a string of difficult challenges. They are dealing with rough weather, frigid water, limited visibility, and th...

"NON SERVIAM" >> Botella ao mar >> Blogs EL PAÍS

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Flor Carrillos - Son ladróns, e rouban. Chamada do Sergas para dar cita para unha operación, a telefonista ofrece a intervención a escoller entre dúas clínicas privadas. “Eu quero facela no Clínico, no hospital”. “...

Car Dashcams Capture Possible Meteorite Above Russia - ABC News

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Russ Bowen - Several car dashcams captured video showing a bright blue and red flashing object streaming through the sky above the city of Murmansk shortly after 2 a.m. Russian time on Saturday. Officials have ...

Why Entrepreneurs Will Beat Multinationals to the Bottom of the Pyramid - Paul Polak , and Mal Warwick - Harvard Business Review

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Dave Collins - C.K. Prahalad and Stuart Hart’s seminal book The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid gained a wide audience when it was published in 2004 and has continued to be widely read ever since. Its iconic...

Business Economists See Brighter Outlook for Job Growth - Real Time Economics - WSJ

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Paul Johnson - Business economists’ outlook for near-term hiring strengthened this spring to the highest mark in nearly three years, a new survey found. The poll by the National Association for Business Economics...

アイドルをやって失ったもの - MIUNA SAITO - Yahoo!ブログ

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Royal micaball mix - センセーショナルなお題ですけど、きっと皆さん聞きたいんじゃないかと思って、書いてみることにします。ご存知の方もいらっしゃるように、私は16歳〜19歳のころ、アイドルでした。 「なんで辞めちゃったの?」とか「性格悪いメンバーいた?」とか、結構、いろんな方から質問を受けるのですが(やっぱりみんな、ゴシップが好きなのねと思いつつ。笑) なんかね、私のなかでは、アイドルは今までいろいろやってきたうち...

Pronto, falei!

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Trein da Le - Uma famosa atriz, que, atualmente, está longe da TV, foi vista entrando numa farmácia em São Conrado usando peruca e óculos escuros. O disfarce da moça era porque ela estava comprando dois testes d...

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Christian Revival … in China

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Michael Dauber - Amid the usual news stories this Easter Sunday – accounts of the president’s family attending church and the pope addressing multitudes – there is this startling and vastly hopeful headline: China ...

Reid, Heller Hopeful Boehner Will Back Unemployment Extension

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The search for the new Republican Party continues

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C 4miGoni #UniteBlue - The search for the new Republican Party continues By Jaime Fuller April 14 at 6:30 am More Comments Updated at 8:20 p.m. The Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Citizens United labeled their in...

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