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Celebrity Graffiti Artist David Choe Says Admission Of "Rapey" Behavior Was Just "Bad Storytelling"

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Ana Marie Cox - On this podcast, which had been overlooked until a post on xoJane on April 17, Choe discussed getting a massage from a masseuse he calls “Rose.” He said he got an erection during the massage and be...

Mad Men, Season 7: "Time Zones"

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LA Review of Books - THE BRAVE NEW WORLD of Mad Men is teetotaling. Joan’s having Cokes with a boy in a bar (he’s going to go kiss his kids goodnight). Peggy’s yelling about coffee, Ted’s having plain toast, and Freddy...

Design a Great Book Cover

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Print magazine - Book cover design is a specialized talent, drawing in a buyer/reader to purchase the book, but also requiring that the design be true to the story line. A compelling cover design makes you pluck th...

Sign Up to Vote — Webby Awards — People's Voice

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Gustavo Dudamel - In order to prevent any suspicious, diabolical or otherwise immoral activity and ensure the voting accuracy of The Webby People’s Voice, we require you to sign up. We solemnly swear to never post, ...

Travel Writing - New York - Mediabistro

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GalleyCat - James Sturz spent three years on staff at Vanity Fair. In addition to his novel Sasso, set in southern Italy, he has written for more than 70 newspapers and magazines including The New York Times M...

Kevin Smokler

Author of "Practical Classics: 50 Reasons to Reread 50 Books Your Haven't TOuched Since High School." Crazy about publishing, media, journalism, our times, and animal group names. Prone to oversharing.

Personal Essay Writing - ONLINE - Mediabistro

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GalleyCat - Mediabistro instructors are all active, working professionals at the top of their fields teaching the latest industry trends. Every class includes live interaction, personalized feedback, and a foc...

Dirty Words or Proper Grammar? You Decide!

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Rebecca Schinsky - Because I have the maturity level of an eight-year-old, here’s a list of grammar terms and words that sound dirty. Use them to excite the grammar lover in your life. What it actually means: An inte...

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Burkhard Bilger: The Dark and Dangerous World of Extreme Cavers : The New Yorker

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Farhad Manjoo - On his thirteenth day underground, when he’d come to the edge of the known world and was preparing to pass beyond it, Marcin Gala placed a call to the surface. He’d travelled more than three miles ...

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