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U.S. Marine Vet Held In Mexico Ordered Released From Jail

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BuzzFeed - Tahmooressi — a former U.S. Marine sergeant — was imprisoned after he crossed into Mexico on March 31 with three loaded weapons. He said the crossing was an accident and happened as he went to meet...

Poll: How Weird Are Your Music Habits

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BuzzFeed - *listens to the same song for three months on repeat* Tagged: poll: how weird are your music habits?, how weird are your music habits, listening habits, music, poll, quiz Hey! This video may have p...

Saying Farewell to Hamersley's Bistro

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Danny Meyer - A very specific chain of events unfolds in the kitchen when someone orders the roast chicken at Hamersley’s Bistro. The birds–which have already been rubbed with a shallot-mustard-herb marinade, pa...

President Obama Channels His Inner Rosie The Riveter

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BuzzFeed - Anne Quirk does " Rosie the Riveter" pose while talking w/ Obama about halloween costumes and the economy @RIcollege

Halloween Budgeting Made Easy

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