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DJ Spooky Goes 'Future Forward' in Two-Part Homage to Nam June Paik

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Paul D. Miller - Think of the computational power embedded in the interface of your smartphone. Look at the sheer volume of material generated by the Internet every second. Take both concepts, cut and paste them in...

PAPERMAG: NASA's Official SoundCloud Lets You Listen to Space

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PAPER Magazine - NASA's Official SoundCloud Lets You Listen to Space If you have an outer space-themed fetish, boy is today your day! Recently, NASA compiled sounds from their historic missions on their newly-minte...

Ask Well: How Does Ebola Spread? How Long Can the Virus Survive? -

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Adam Sternbergh - The answer is no. Someone with Ebola is really, really sick. They’re seeking hospital care. It is unlikely they are riding the bus. They are not going to work. The virus is spread by bodily fluid c...

Barack Obama | Tell us what you're hearing about Obamacare

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Barack Obama - Over the next four months, OFA will be helping connect millions of Americans with information about Obamacare and how it benefits them. We want to know the questions that are being asked and what i...

In Photos: Demonstrations for Missing Students Swell in Mexico and Across the World

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Piper Kerman - Tens of thousands of people attended rallies in nearly every major city in Mexico on Wednesday, expressing solidarity with and concern for 43 teaching students missing since September 26. The gathe...

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donating $100 million to fight Ebola

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Farai Chideya - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will contribute "at least" $100 million to fight the spread of Ebola, he announced Thursday. In a tweet, Allen revealed the new donation amount and urged others to m...

Scientists Consider Repurposing Robots for Ebola -

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Tiffany Shlain
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