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Pop Culture Happy Hour - Sixth & I

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Glen Weldon - Every week on Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR contributors Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, and Glen Weldon gather for a thoughtful, funny, spirited discussion of the best and worst in pop culture – mov...

The Lessons of Dr. Funk by James Guida | NYRblog

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The Feature - In 1976, George Clinton, funk music’s inadvertent impresario, got his spacecraft. On its maiden voyage in New Orleans, the ship, a staggered aluminum cone flanked by eyeball-like lights, emerged mi...

Heady Stakes for ‘Black-ish’ on ABC -

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▵ Jenna Wortham ▵ - The first time I heard about “Black-ish,” ABC’s new sitcom about an affluent black family in Los Angeles, I was skeptical about its premise. Early commercials and previews played up tired stereotyp...

PAPERMAG: The 10 All Time Weirdest Certified Platinum Albums

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PAPER Magazine - Last week, Forbes made a big deal about the fact that not a single artist's album has gone platinum in 2014. Since then, many thinkpieces have followed, asking if the death of the platinum album is...

A Heartbreaking “Klinghoffer” at the Met

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Alex Ross - “The Death of Klinghoffer,” John Adams’s perennially contentious opera about terrorism at sea, received its first Metropolitan Opera performance on October 20th, twenty-three years after its world ...

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