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'Drop price of fuel protest' on Dec 31

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Anwar Ibrahim - A protest demanding the that government reduce the price of fuel will be held at 9 PM on December 31, at Dataran Merdeka. Despite the greatly reduced international price of oil, the Malaysian gover...

Shah Rukh Khan | #YearOnTwitter2014

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Twitter - Get his perspective on what and who made the year memorable on Twitter. Every fan can get personalised #HNYPoster autographed by Shah Rukh Khan. Tweet now to @iamsrk with @Hny#HNYPoster & Get Yours...

My Friend Wears A Hijab, And I Judge Her For It

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ArabVoicesSpeak - The first woman who arrived was wearing a bright-yellow hijab. The folds didn’t lie flat against her face, the mesh of the cloth revealing that she was wearing a skintight nude cap underneath it. N...

Brought to You by Wikileaks: Mandela Shows Better to Kill Than Imprison / Sputnik US - News, Opinion, Radio

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WikiLeaks - The study is titled “CIA Best Practices in Counterinsurgency” and evaluates assassination operations against the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the FARC, PLO, HAMAS and the Shining Path, among others, includin...

BBC News - Leaked CIA report: Targeting Taliban leaders 'ineffective'

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WikiLeaks - The removal of senior Taliban leaders has had little impact on the organisation, a CIA report released by Wikileaks has said. The 2009 report analyses "high value targeting" in a number of conflict...

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