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Put down the Pink Dumbbell.

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Zeynep Tufekci - So, ladies, let’s first put down the two-pound, pink dumbbells. We have been sold a false story about fitness, health (and it’s connection to weight loss). I was exercised by wolves. And I’m going ...

Top 5 Things John Legend Should Know About Bahrain 

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Maryam Alkhawaja - American singer/songwriter John Legend is set to play a gig in Bahrain on Monday, March 2. Bahrain is a country that has faced ongoing instability and unrest fueled by protests for reform for over ...

WMNF 88.5 FM Community Conscious Radio

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ArabVoicesSpeak - To listen on your iPhone, you'll need a separate application; the stream links from won't work. Get the new WMNF Player! Tune in to WMNF's online streams, check out upcoming events, and ke...

Schweden steckt Kinder und Jugendliche in Isolationshaft - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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WikiLeaks - Es sind schockierende Geschichten, die Fredrik Malmberg aus den Gefängnissen Schwedens zusammenträgt. Da werden Kinder und Jugendliche abgeschieden von anderen in Zellen gesperrt, dürfen ihre Elter...

Search WikiLeaks

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WikiLeaks - Protesters against WikiLeaks banking blockade, the "PayPal 14", largely victorious ... in a harmless online protest against the blockade, which attempted to flood the PayPal website with network re...

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Libya's PM says Turkey supplying weapons to rival Tripoli group | News , Middle East

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The Big Pharaoh - CAIRO: Libya's internationally recognized Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani said his government would stop dealing with Turkey as it was sending weapons to a rival group in Tripoli so "the Libyan pe...

In Libya, will Misrata be the kingmaker? - The Washington Post

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Juan Cole
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