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Sample Sunday: ‘Stacy and the Father of the Bride’

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Doris Makes Love - Buy Links: Amazon | Smashwords | AllRomance | Nook | Google Play The bridal suite was sumptuous, with a large oak canopy bed dominating the room from atop a short platform. Sheer white curtains hun...

An Excerpt From Stacy’s Room, the latest from Lianah Morgan

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Ali Atwood - Stacy nodded again. The buzzing sound came back. Without even unbuttoning her shorts, Mr. McCormick slipped the vibrator down into her panties, positioning it precisely against her clit. The tight ...

Guilty Indulgence: #REVIEW of Warrior @CaraBristol #SciFi #Spanking Sexy! @loveunleashed

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Tea & Book - Warrior (Breeder #3) by Cara Bristol Between war and duty, they find love… On a planet where women are chattel, Anika is to be delivered to become the mate of an Alpha Commander. Secretly in love w...

An Excerpt from ‘The Family Business’

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Doris Makes Love - (Author’s Note: Don is not actually Kelly’s uncle. He’s her father’s childhood best friend.) Amazon | Nook | Smashwords | AllRomance | Google Play/Books “I’m not a bad girl, Uncle Don. I’m a very g...

Dreams of Spanking - The Surprise Present

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Clever Chloe - Share a deeply intimate afternoon with Pandora Blake and Ten Amorette in this f/f spanking scene. Pandora spanks her lover, then uses the flogger on her naked flesh, delivering intimate kisses and ... community

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Throwback Taboo Tuesday

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Guy Hogan - As Chrissy sucked and licked and preened for him, Guy felt himself losing control. He wanted to slam his cock into Chrissy’s face, to debase her, but he held back. He’d probably never get another c...


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MILF GiGi - Mommy bends Lauren over her knee and spanks her hard for dressing like such a ho. She gradually makes Lauren strip out of her skanky clothes while she spanks her bare bottom until it's bright red a...

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Single Wartenberg Pinwheel with leather case

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Sabrina-J - You are here: Home > New and Exclusive > Single Wartenberg Pinwheel with leather case This stainless steel Wartenberg pinwheel from is the perfect accessory for sensory play. Also a ...

Time's Up for 'Timeout' - Atlantic Mobile

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Erin Doak - At the end of a gravel road in the Chippewa National Forest of northern Minnesota, a group of camp counselors have gathered to hear psychotherapist Tina Bryson speak about neuroscience, mentorship,...

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Coming Soon: PythonAnywhere

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Horny 4 Sex - This is going to be another great website hosted by PythonAnywhere. PythonAnywhere lets you host, run, and code Python in the cloud. Our free plan gives you access to machines with everything alrea...

AdulTees | The Best Shirts Ever

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Google URL Shortener

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Maddy Spanks Snow Mercy – Spanking Starlets

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Spanking Starlets - Snow believes that spanking and paddling her new roommate, Maddy Marks, won’t have any repercussions. That’s a huge mistake, since Maddy knows how to tan a bare behind too. Click Here for a free ph...

Disciplined Schoolgirls 3 (sex)

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Michelle Hatt
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