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British Pacific Locomotives

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Suzanne Bradley - This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. By Cecil J. Allen. Published by Ian Allan Publishing Ltd, this impression, 1990. ISBN 0 7110 0261 4. Cov...

The Log Newspaper | California Boating & Fishing News - Coastal-sanctuary-proposed-near-Santa-Barbara

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Parimal M. Rohit - Another segment of the California coast could soon be federally protected waters, as the Northern Chumash Tribal Council nominated a stretch of Pacific Ocean between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obis...

FOX L.A.: “Dead sea lions litter Malibu beaches, families shocked… WARNING: Graphic Images” — Babies being eaten by birds — So many 911 calls about dying animals it’s “bogging down system” — “Scientists say this year is worst in history” — Tells us “major changes are going on out in the ocean” (VIDEO)

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Liz - FOX 11 News, Feb 23, 2015 (emphasis added): Dozens of dead Sea Lions litter Malibu beaches; families shocked — A family stumbled upon nearly 10 dead sea lions on a Malibu beach Sunday (WARNING: GRA...

while they play...

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Kalurah Hudson - Watching the waves.. #beach #oregoncoast #nedonnaview #coast #ocean #pacific #surfselfie #rockaway (at Nedonna Views) 27 February 2015

VIDEO: Fukushima corium found in Pacific — Flowing into ocean after hydrogen dissolves nuclear fuel — Scientist: We’ve actually seen plutonium floating on surface; “We have no control over this accident… they’ve got leaks everywhere”

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NO KASHIWAZAKI NUKES - – or 720 million yen at the exchange rate of that time. However, the settlement stopped short of holding Washington legally responsible. In April 1955, the Cabinet decided to allocate part of the c... community

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