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Ice Dude - Now What - Cartune Netwerk, DJ Dirty Yella

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GME Promotions - Mixtapes  ›  DJs  ›  Cartune Netwerk, DJ Dirty Yella  ›   Ice Dude - Now What 8 Mixtape Votes 4,715 Mixtape Views Follow @IndyTapes, @CartuneNetwerk, @DJDirtyYella, @DaTrappa & @IceDude! Ice Dude -...


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Sony Partners With Spotify to Launch a PlayStation Streaming Service

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WIRED - Today, the tech conglomerate announced that it’s ditching its existing streaming music service, Sony Music Unlimited, and replacing it with a new service called Playstation Music, which will give u...


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360WISEGUY®الله أكبر - E-A-SKI Legendary producer and rapper E-A-Ski shows us how messed up and fake the world and the music industry has gone with his new visual ‘They Know’ with Codany Holiday on the hook. Edited by ta...

American Idol Recap: Stop and Frisco

Shared by - As the fathers of soon-to-be 4-year-old twins, my husband and I have a perpetual fascination with the “Stanford marshmallow experiment.” For the uninitiated, I’m talking about a psychological test ...


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