El Diario de Juan Aldama

Información de Interés. Notas destacadas de Zacatecas, México y el Mundo.

Se ahoga jovencito de 13 años en una presa de Miguel Auza

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ntrzacatecas.com - Miguel Auza.- La tarde de este domingo, se ahogaron tres jovencitos que nadaban en la Presa Santiago, de este municipio; sin embargo, aunque todos fueron rescatados por familiares y elementos de Pr...


capitalzacatecas.com - Miguel Auza, Zac.- Personal de Protección Civil estatal y municipal rescató a tres menores que nadaban en una presa de este municipio. Sin embargo, pese a la pronta intervención, uno de ellos falle...

Lasers Map the Earth That Moved in Colorado's Epic Floods | WIRED

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wired.com - The 2013 storm in Colorado was all kinds of historic. One week of steady precipitation broke daily, monthly, and yearly rainfall records all over the state. The flooding tore away roads, rails, and...

First look at Project Spartan, Microsoft’s take on the modern browser

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arstechnica.com - When announcing that a Windows 10 Preview with the new Project Spartan browser was available, Microsoft made clear that the browser ain't done yet. What we have now is an early iteration of the com...

Amazon wants you to place product buttons around your home

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arstechnica.com - Remember writing grocery lists and sticking them to your fridge? Amazon thinks you should now leave the task of restocking food and household supplies to a button. The company announced a new devic...


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