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10 Loving Dads Vying To Be Animal Kingdom’s Top Pop

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Dept for Business - Male mallorcan midwife toads don’t shy away from the heavy lifting, even though they’re smaller than their female mates. The dads literally carry their kids on their backs and thighs until they hat...

Bullying in academia: ‘professors are supposed to be stressed! That’s the job’ | Higher Education Network

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Higher Education - Bullying is rife in academia – and it is tolerated to an extent that wouldn’t be acceptable in other areas. I’ve seen careers wasted in academia just by bad management and bad practice. My story is...

The Nostalgic Evolution of the Nokia Phone

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Mashable - Microsoft, which bought the company's mobile division this past April, has announced it will no longer use the name for future devices. Instead, its Nokia Lumia smartphones will simply be called Mi...

Sidecar Tests A New “Commute” Service, With Discounts When You Pay For A Week Of Morning Rides

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TechCrunch - Ridesharing service Sidecar just invited me to beta test a new feature called Sidecar Commute. Here’s how it works, as explained on the tester signup page: You pay $35 for a one-week Sidecar Commut...

Spooky Car Wash Prank Will Work You Up Into a Lather

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Mashable - For most of us, the scariest thing about a car wash is the price tag, but this video from Ford gives you another reason to be afraid. As a Halloween prank, Ford enlisted some actors in scary masks ...

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Senior Lecturer in Blended Learning at Glasgow Caledonian University, I am interested in all aspects of the development and use of technology in education.

Ebola-Free Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Thanks God, Doctors

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Mashable - Nina Pham, the nurse who contracted Ebola while treating a patient in Dallas, is now virus-free and was being discharged on Friday, National Institutes of Health officials said. See also: NYC Ebola...

JISC RSC > RSC North West regional events

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JISCRSCDigLit - If you are interested in resources from previous events visit: /northwest/event-resources-archive.aspx There will be an opportunity for a private consultation with an eLearning Advisor from RSC Nor...

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