P4 (predictive, preventive, personalized, partecipatory) medicine

Review of Human-to-Human Transmission of Ebola Virus | Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever

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Pasquale Valente - Ebola virus causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever with a high fatality rate. Five Ebola virus species within the genus Ebolavirus are known, including four that cause Ebola virus disease (EVD) in h...

Like Valium and Oxycontin, without the Side Effects [Video] - Scientific American

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Pasquale Valente - A Buddhist monk—this one with a doctorate in cell biology—has teamed with two prominent neuroscientists to present the latest findings on what meditation does to the brain and how those changes to ...

Medical Xpress: How gut bacteria ensures a healthy brain – and could play a role in treating depression

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Pasquale Valente - Nowhere is this more apparent than in the human gut, where the microbiome – the collection of bacteria living in the gastrointestinal tract – plays a complex and critical role in the health of its ...

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