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Herbal Extract Co - DISCLAIMER All material on The Art of Healing website should be used as a guide only. Information provided should not be construed or used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. We wou...

Restored Harmony: An Evidence Based Approach for Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Complementary Cancer Care

Shared by - Restored Harmony weaves the science and art of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the conventional treatment for cancer. It takes the reader on a poetic journey through the diagnosis, therapeutic pl...

H5N1: Italian doctor receiving experimental Ebola drug

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Pasquale Valente - Via Italian doctor being treated with experimental Ebola drug.

Trinity scientists make breakthrough in underst...

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Pasquale Valente - The scientists showed that the Parkin protein functions to repair or destroy damaged nerve cells, depending on the degree to which they are damaged People living with Parkinson's disease often have...

BBC News - Brain's dementia weak spot identified

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PNAS - The brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, according to UK scientists who have pinpointed the region using scans. The brain area involved develops late in adolescence and ...

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