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How Numbers on Facebook Change Behavior - The Atlantic

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Case Foundation - A "like" on Facebook is a treat. You get a little red pop-up on your notifications icon, you see the little box on the lower-left corner of your screen describing the like, and you get that warm, a...

The World's First Solar Bike Path Keeps Bikers Safe, Powers Surrounding Neighborhoods | Co.Exist - When cities run out of space for solar panels on rooftops, one of the next places to turn could be roads—or bike paths. In the Netherlands, one of the country's newest bike paths doubles as a solar...

How 10 Leaders Use Technology for Good - Technology - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

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Case Foundation - Innovative efforts to use technology to improve health care, curb climate change, and help the poor take center stage when thousands of business, media, and nonprofit experts converge in Austin, Te...

These 6 Studios Are the Upcycling Champions of the World - Architizer

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Mike Barry - Move aside starchitects, with your tidal waves of glitz, glamor, steel, and glass: the new "cool" in architecture is of a far more humble kind. Utilizing salvaged materials in the design of buildin...

Prosumer Report

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New Times: How a politics of networks and relationships can deliver a Good Society

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SustainAbility - New Times, a Compass publication dedicated to Stuart Hall and published to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, discusses the massive migration of agency from the vertical to t...

Basilica Farm + Flea 2014 - Cool Hunting

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Cool Hunting - If Black Friday is synonymous with all that is wrong with capitalism, then the worthy antithesis to this unofficial sale-worshipping holiday is the Basilica Farm + Flea: an annual gathering of regi...

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