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Hillary Clinton Is Crushing Trump In Pennsylvania As GOP Fantasy Gets Blown To Bits

Shared by PoliticusUSA - The Republican fantasy that Donald Trump could turn Pennsylvania blue was punched in the gut by a new poll that showed Hillary Clinton leading by nine points in the Keystone State. According to Suf...

Trump's Lame Response to Obama: America 'Does Not Feel Great Already'

Shared by PoliticusUSA - President Barack Obama took his turn at the podium of the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night and delivered a scathing beat down of all things Trump. He made the case for America being a...

Keith Olbermann Destroys Trump Campaign With Single Tweet

Shared by PoliticusUSA - Democrat speakers used some very powerful imagery last night at the Democratic National Convention. The Republican response was tepid, at best, as you would expect from what they have to work with....

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