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A Look Inside a Weekend Of Organization For South Carolina Democrats

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PoliticusUSA - My wife and I attended the South Carolina State Democratic Party-sponsored John Spratt Issues Conference in Myrtle Beach late last week. If Spratt doesn’t ring a bell, he was a hard-working and eff...

Americans Rally Around The President As Obama Approval Jumps 5 Points Thanks To Netanyahu

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PoliticusUSA - Since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in the U.S., President Obama’s approval rating has increased by 5 points in the Gallup poll. From February 26-28, President Obama’s approval rating wa...

Bernie Sanders Slams Netanyahu’s Warmongering Speech To Congress

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PoliticusUSA - Sen. Bernie Sanders stood firmly behind the diplomacy of President Obama today while shredding the warmongering speech that Netanyahu delivered to Congress. In a statement, Sen. Sanders reacted to ...

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