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Hillary Clinton Endorses "Tough and Strong" Wendy Davis For Texas Governor

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PoliticusUSA - I'm honored to have this incredible woman on my side. Thank you @HillaryClinton for being on #TeamWendy! The Davis campaign is excited about their success in early voting...

Republicans Don't Care About Income Inequality Or Basic Human Needs

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PoliticusUSA - We have come to serve the economy rather than the economy serving us. We ask people to suffer to save the system that produces suffering, instead of creating a system that seeks to eliminate suffer...

Grimes Campaign Expresses Confidence After New Poll Shows McConnell Up In Kentucky

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PoliticusUSA - The final Bluegrass Poll of the 2014 election showed Mitch McConnell leading Alison Lundergan Grimes 48%-43%, but the Grimes campaign expressed confidence that they will prevail on Election Day. Th...

Jon Stewart Confirms That NBC Tried To Hire Him To Host Meet The Press

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PoliticusUSA - Jon Stewart confirmed in an interview that NBC did try to hire the late night comedian to host Meet The Press, but Stewart never seriously considered their offer. My guess is they were casting as w...

Really? Rush Limbaugh Falsely Claims Giants Are First Sports Dynasty Since 1970s Steelers

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PoliticusUSA - By: Justin BaragonaThursday, October 30th, 2014more from Justin Baragona Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh considers himself a very knowledgeable sports fan. Before becoming the voice of t...

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The Real Enemy This Halloween isn't Demons, Says Jesus, But the Rich

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Sarah Reese Jones - This is Perkins’ answer. Take a listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch: It’s a good point…I think you’re right, I think a lot of people get locked into this and they don’t realize that this is real, t...

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Time to Pursue a Progressive Agenda

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Joy - It is time for the government of the 1%, by the 1% and for the 1% to be replaced by government of the people, by the people and for the people. It seems to me that the former has increasingly becom...

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Writer fired for calling Mike Brown an animal who needed to be put down

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Joy - When Don Surber, editorial columnist for Charleston's Daily Mail, called Mike Brown an "animal" who deserved to "be put down," and referred to protestors as "packs of racists," he crossed a line wh...

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Meet South Dakota’s surprisingly green Senate candidate

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Joy - South Dakota has 4.32 cows per capita, the most of any state. And you know what cows produce: methane. So you might not expect a Senate candidate in the state to propose cracking down on greenhouse...

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