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The Meaning Of Sasha And Malia Obama

huffingtonpost.com - That was the message Elizabeth Lauten, communications director to a congressman, had for Sasha and Malia Obama in 2014. The girls, then 13 and 16, had appeared with their father during the White Ho...

Democrats Lead Nationwide Day Of Rallies In Defense Of Obamacare

huffingtonpost.com - Supporters of the Affordable Care Act gathered to protest the health care law’s repeal in rallies across the country on Sunday. The demonstrations were in response to an appeal by Democratic leader...

9 Visual Storytelling Tips for Social Media

Shared by Ann Tran

strongsocial.ca - No matter the size of your organization, image-based storytelling is a social media marketing technique that can bring you increased exposure, better customer engagement and retention and more posi...

Poem of the week: The Attraction by John Riley

theguardian.com - The attraction of well-washed hands and young words. Hands eyes emotions in confined spaces. The hill seems clean, the houses on top of it we ignore. Smoke in the valley too proclaims a settlement....

A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics review – timely but limited

theguardian.com - Politics has always required lies, but it’s hard to think of a democratic leader who has lied so brazenly and so constantly as Donald Trump. The burning question is whether his supporters think his...

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High-end hikes step up adventure

Shared by Ann Tran

cnn.com - "The infrastructure of many of the world's more remote and beautifully untouched places has grown to support the desire for comfort after the physicality of the day." Not every traveler who wants t...

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Air-cleaning poetry can help tackle pollution: Scientists

financialexpress.com - A revolutionary air-cleansing poem has removed more than two tonnes of pollution from the environment in the UK as part of a project which could be used to fight pollution in cities across the worl...

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Why Manchester should be crowned the capital of poetry

manchestereveningnews.co.uk - It's well documented that the culture and arts scene in Manchester is booming. Just last year, it was named the UK's best live music city, with more gigs per head than anywhere else in the country....

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