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How important is Milan Kundera today?

theguardian.com - On the first page of Milan Kundera’s new novel published in France last year when its author was 85 a man is walking down a Parisian street in June, just as “the morning sun was emerging from the c...

The Saturday Poem: Albatross (after Baudelaire)

theguardian.com - Just to amuse themselves, deckhands will often take A great sea-bird, an albatross – One of those that plane above the ship’s white wake As it pitches over briny chasms, shipwrecks, dross. No soone...

Hay festival 2015: global crises fuelling surge in nature books, says author

theguardian.com - The financial crash, the dominance of digital media and ecological disasters have prompted the resurgence in the popularity of nature writing, an award-winning author has claimed. Farmer turned aut...

Judy Blume: ‘It’s hard to be sexy when you’re on a deadline’

theguardian.com - My parents raised me, of course, but it was a different adult who shaped my mental landscape. My imagination, my capacity for empathy, my sense of curiosity and my awareness that, while I was uniqu...

Letter: Ruth Rendell’s support for village communities

theguardian.com - In 1989, in the Counterblast series published by Chatto and Windus, Ruth Rendell and Colin Ward contributed No 7, Undermining the Central Line, a criticism of centralist policies that closed local ...

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Loretta Sanchez trade gaffe draws party ire

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politico.com - Loretta Sanchez is not having the best campaign roll out. After having a “draft” of her official launch announcement leak and making a “war cry” gesture while describing Native Americans at a Calif...

Kochs take on Hillary

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politico.com - The Koch brothers organization on Friday blasted Hillary Clinton’s support for the Export-Import Bank, previewing a potentially rancorous and expensive fight between the leading Democratic presiden...

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Where Atheism Can Get You Killed

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politico.com - On Tuesday of last week, Ananta Bijoy Das, 32, had just left his house in the northeastern Bangladeshi city of Sylhet when four masked assailants chased and then hacked the bank clerk to death with...

Clinton knocks Republicans for hurting small businesses

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politico.com - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton watches as Lee Lord tests beer during a tour of the Smuttynose Brewery, Friday, May 22, 2015. Hampton, N.H. — Sitting in a New Hampshire war...

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