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Subtext of Charles Dickens’ double entendres | Letters from Pedr James and Lee Wilkinson

theguardian.com - While preparing to direct the 1994 BBC2 adaptation of Martin Chuzzlewit, I became aware, like Mary Jane Drummond (Letters, 29 June), that there appeared to be an occasional and unexpected use of do...

The view from the divided Athens suburbs

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politico.eu - Ryan Heath's must-read briefing on what's driving the day in Brussels. Chancellor Angela Merkel will ultimately determine the way forward. EU politicians come to grips with the results from Greece....

Mike Huckabee splits with Trump on immigration

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politico.com - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made clear on Sunday that he sees some immigration issues differently than his Republican presidential rival, Donald Trump. “What I have been doing is focusing on...

Tusk: ‘Nobody here is an angel’

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politico.eu - Ryan Heath's must-read briefing on what's driving the day in Brussels. EU politicians come to grips with the results from Greece. Greek cafes are still full, but people joke, “These are the Last Da...

John Kerry: Iran deal can go ‘either way’

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politico.com - Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday sought to calm expectations of an imminent nuclear deal with Iran, saying the negotiations “could go either way” and warning that the U.S. is willing to aban...

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Sincerely, Ralph Nader

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politico.com - “I have always preferred the ink-and-paper, written letter method of communicating with elected officials,” writes Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and former presidential candidate, who has been wri...

How the South Skews America

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politico.com - Every year the Fourth of July is marked by ringing affirmations of American exceptionalism. We are a special nation, uniquely founded on high ideals like freedom and equality. In practice, however,...

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Ted Cruz announces $51 million fundraising haul

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politico.com - Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday announced that he had raised more than $51 million in his first few months as a presidential candidate, split between his official campaign and the super PACs supporting his...

New Jersey wants Chris Christie to resign

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politico.com - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be officially in the running for the White House, but he’s getting no love from Garden State voters in a Monmouth University poll released Thursday. In fact, a ma...

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Here Are The Top Wine Consuming Countries In The World

Shared by Ann Tran

businessinsider.com.au - Last year, for the first time, people in the United States purchased more wine than people in France, according to a report from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. France’s per capita...

Sweet Khurma - Boss Nepal

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8 Redhead Festivals You NEED To Attend (If You're Ginger)

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How to Build a Strong Social-Media Presence

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entrepreneur.com - Can you really do social media in 30 minutes each day successfully? When I see article titles or headlines claiming that you can automate your posts and work smarter on your social network by doing...

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