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Stranger Than Fiction: The Life of Edgar Wallace, the Man Who Created King Kong by Neil Clark – review

theguardian.com - There is a plaque on Ludgate Circus, at the end of Fleet Street, that says of its dedicatee: “He knew wealth and poverty, yet had walked with Kings and kept his bearings. Of his talents, he gave la...

Ann Rule's true crime books: what made them so compelling?

theguardian.com - Usually, when a writer as widely read as Ann Rule dies, the internet gets papered over with heartfelt tributes. That didn’t happen for her – there are obituaries everywhere, but few eulogies – and ...

Carrie Hope Fletcher: 'I'm human and I screw up but I'm willing to be told I'm wrong'

theguardian.com - In an online world that is fast becoming characterised by abuse, trolling and cyber-bullying, Carrie Hope Fletcher is a fountain of positivity on the internet. In every video, every tweet and every...

Mitch McConnell employs Harry Reid’s hardball tactic

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politico.com - Before he took over as majority leader, Mitch McConnell was a harsh critic of Harry Reid’s use of a parliamentary tactic to block amendments on the Senate floor. The Kentucky Republican said it was...

Kasich super PAC raises more than $11 million

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politico.com - New Day for America, the super PAC supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich, raised more than $11 million between April 20 and June 30 of this year, according to documents obtained by POLITICO. The super P...

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The Capital’s Top Cop

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politico.com - Police chief Cathy Lanier is tooling around the rougher regions of the nation’s capital on an idyllic summer afternoon when she slows down to point out an intersection where she encountered a guy s...

Why President Obama and Congress turned their backs on food safety

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politico.com - The bacteria-tainted apple that probably killed Shirlee Frey traveled hundreds of miles from an orchard to a packinghouse and then to a factory that coated it in caramel. It never came anywhere clo...

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Donald Trump surges, Jeb Bush slumps in new national poll

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politico.com - Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential field by a significant margin, according to a new Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday. The poll also indicates that Ohio Gov. John Kasich c...

Overpasses: A love story

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politico.com - MILWAUKEE—The Marquette Interchange is an engineering marvel, a steel and concrete symphony of girders and flyovers at the edge of downtown Milwaukee, harmonizing traffic from three intersecting in...

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Virtue's Lady eBook by Jessica Cale - 9781622102051

store.kobobooks.com - Lady Jane Ramsey runs away from a life of privilege and a disastrous engagement to live among London’s poor, hoping to find freedom and love. No one thinks she can survive in this world, especially...

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