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This Politician Wants Congress To Fight Gentrification

huffingtonpost.com - A New York politician has an offbeat plan to combat the pressures of rising rents and displacement in his neighborhood: federally designated anti-gentrification zones. State Sen. Adriano Espaillat ...

The Seven Stages of Love, According to French Poetry

lithub.com - Love, of course, is a fantasy. And the French in particular make a point of maintaining and analyzing this fantasy, from Abbé Prévost’s eighteenth-century novel of love-drunk obsession to Amélie’s ...

Why write a poem?

niume.com - I’m a person full of life… why should I struggle with flowery words to create a poem? Poems are confounding to me, is such writing really necessary?  On the flip side, some poets--such as the late ...

Poets' tour: hits on stage, own goals at home

theguardian.com - Arriving in West Didsbury, where we’ll stay for an event in Bramhall, Cheshire, we pass an unusually huge funeral cortege approaching the cemetery. “Who are they burying?” wonders Imtiaz Dharker. “...

Kim Addonizio: 'It's a curse to say that somebody is confessional'

theguardian.com - Over the years, Kim Addonizio has racked up a lot of accolades. She has received awards from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Foundation for the Arts. She was a National Book award finali...

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The Unbearable Blakeness Of Lively

mtv.com - In life there are some absolute facts that, because we know them to be true, bring us deep comfort: The day is 24 hours long; water freezes into ice when cooled; 1+1=2; and Blake Lively will be ins...

Suge Knight sues Chris Brown over shooting

cnn.com - In the suit, Brown is characterized as "a known gang associate with a history of violence and had a well-documented track record of hosting events and or parties in which violence frequently erupte...

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Can a Cold Shower Boost Your Health and Productivity? - The Simple Dollar

thesimpledollar.com - You know that feeling after you finish a really hard workout? When your blood is flowing, your skin is glowing, and you feel like you can take on the world? Imagine having that feeling every mornin...

I'm A Black Woman And Yes This Is All My Hair!

huffingtonpost.com - I wear my hair in a natural style called Sisterlocks. The style affords me great flexibility with my natural hair.  It has also grown to be quite long. For a black woman this garners me a lot of at...

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DeRay McKesson is back

theundefeated.com - 9:35 AMLegendary University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt died Tuesday at the age of 64. Watching her teams play was a real joy and it’s not even close when it comes to the ques...

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Somali Refugees In Kenya Struggle In Shadow Of Forced Return

huffingtonpost.com - Kenya’s November deadline to shut down camps and repatriate Somali refugees leaves a community living in dangerous limbo, with some contemplating escape to Europe. Said Abdullah's daily life in the...

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6 Small Differences Between Average Content Strategy and Genius Strategy

Shared by Ann Tran

entrepreneur.com - Any modern business owner or marketer understands the importance of content in today’s marketplace. Whether your business sells physical products in a local corner store or consulting services on a...

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