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The Italians review – a foreign correspondent’s illuminating study | Books

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theguardian.com - Our houses are less clean than his grandmother’s poultry cage. Our diet is deplorable, while fish and chips is a dish that “makes you want to wash it with detergent before eating”. So said a Portug...

Poem of the week: Where the Script Ends by Arundhathi Subramaniam | Books

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theguardian.com - His shirt is tangerine, the sky Delft, the sunshine daffodils. Even jealousy gleams brighter here than broccoli              stir fried. In this daytime land the canals speak an unambiguous tongue....

Risk Wise: Nine Everyday Adventures review – required reading for the education secretary | Books

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theguardian.com - Ours is an increasingly risk-averse society. It has become a conversation point to wax nostalgic about the days when children walked unaccompanied to school and played marbles in the street. I, mys...

Guantánamo Diary: Brian Eno reads an extract – podcast | Books

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theguardian.com - In the latest reading from Mohamedou Ould Slahi's writings from the US detention facility, he recalls the many attempts to manipulate some kind of "confession" from him, as his US interrogators fla...

The 100 best novels: No 71 – The End of the Affair by Graham Greene (1951) | Books

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theguardian.com - There are many Greenes, and almost all of them – the thriller writer (The Third Man), the entertainer (Our Man in Havana), the contemporary political novelist (The Quiet American), the polemicist (...

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