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Book reviews roundup: The Churchill Factor, Revolution and Lila | Books

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theguardian.com - “It’s impossible to read this book without drawing fairly direct comparisons between its author and its subject,” noted Philip Hensher in the Spectator of Boris Johnson’s The Churchill Factor, call...

My hero: Robert Wyatt by Jonathan Coe | Books

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theguardian.com - A good deal of the rock music I listened to in the 1970s was, I realise now, militantly introverted: a commercially suicidal mix of evasive lyrics, intellectualism and tricky time signatures. Not s...

What kind of halloween horror are you? | Children's books

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theguardian.com - Ever wondered what kind of supernatural being you'd be? Here's your chance to find out before it's time to dress up and go trick or treating!

The Last Saturday, by Chris Ware | Books

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theguardian.com - A brand new graphic novella by the award-winning cartoonist Chris Ware, tracing the lives of six individuals from Sandy Port, Michigan, published in weekly episodes. This page always shows the late...

Fault in Our Stars author backs literature diversity campaign | Books

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theguardian.com - All readers “need to know that they too can be the heroes of a story”, according to the bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, who has thrown his weight behind the campaign to in...

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