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What Hackers Can Do To Our Power Grid - Business Insider

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BI MIL/DEF - Jonathan Pollet, founder of Red Tiger Security, is a 17-year veteran of the critical infrastructure industry. As an ‘ethical hacker,’ he consults for some of the world’s largest energy companies, a...

Russia Is Losing The Currency Wars - Business Insider

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Business Insider - The specter of currency wars once again haunts the international chattering classes. Remember back in 2011, when Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantega blamed the U.S. for deliberately weakening ...

Russia's Showdown With West Will Worsen - Business Insider

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BI: Finance - I grew up hating America. I lived in the Soviet Union and was a child of the Cold War. That hate went away in 1989, though, when the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended. By the time I left Russ...

Petrobras Is Brazil's Shame - Business Insider

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BI: Finance - In the past five days, 23 powerful Brazilians have been arrested, with even more warrants still outstanding. The country's stock market has become a whipsaw, and its currency, the real, has hit a n...

Ted Cruz Wants To Fight Obama Over Immigration, But He Forgot About One Thing

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HuffPost Politics - WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling for congressional Republicans to fight back against President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration, saying they should refuse to confirm t...

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