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Two killed at Mohammed cartoon event in Garland, Texas - - (CNN)They wore body armor. They carried assault rifles. And one had declared loyalty to ISIS. A day after police killed two gunmen who tried to ambush a Garland, Texas, event featuring controversia...

With John Chambers retiring, there's only one old-time tech CEO left

Shared by BI Tech - Now that Cisco CEO John Chambers has announced his retirement in July, there's only one long-term tech CEO left standing: EMC's Joe Tucci. Tucci, 67, is being asked constantly about his retirement....

Googling the word 'joke' results in a really sexist example

Shared by BI Tech - Google needs to update its search results for the word "joke," because the provided example is not very funny. Actually, it's just sexist. the joke when you google “joke” is about how women are bad...

There’s No Such Thing as Corporate DNA - Paradoxically, perpetuity comes from change—constant change. It is important to understand this, because as the world pulls out of the Great Recession (which has clouded economic prospects for so l...

IBM Analytics Forum - Overview - India

Shared by IBM Analytics - It's not just about big data anymore — it's about instant, real-time and fast data that helps you become more agile, efficient and competitive. Data and analytics are now driving every decision, fu...

Naser Khaledi, Ph.D.

Provides Accounting, Tax, Consulting, and Training Services. نقدم خدمه إستشارات محاسبيه وإداريه وإقتصاديه للشركات والمؤسسات لمنطقه الشرق الأوسط وأمريكا

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