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The 10 most important things in the world right now

Shared by BI Finance - 1. Islamic State fighters stormed the strategic Syrian city of Palmyra on Wednesday, which is home to spectacular ancient ruins. 2. Five of the world's largest banks — Citicorp, JPMorgan, Barclays,...

Goldman Sachs thinks oil will fall to $45 per barrel by October

Shared by BI Finance - Oil prices have rebounded with surprising speed in recent weeks, with WTI prices bouncing by more than a third from March lows. There are good reasons for this. Rig counts are down by nearly 1,000 ...

The military spy turned sustainability warrior - drones have come of age - Drones have come a long way, from their military origins as sinister hardware for spying and remote warfare to their more recent use by conservation charities monitoring whaling ships and rare bird...

KFC is testing keyboard trays for smartphone users with greasy fingers

Shared by BI Tech - KFC - Tray Typer from This is for the jury on Vimeo. KFC has trialled disposable paper typing trays in Germany to make it easier for smartphone users to browse the web without getting troublesome g...

The E-Mail That Helped Catch Barclays: ‘ISDAfix Is Manipulated’ - Those words, taken from an e-mail written by a Barclays Plc options trader, came back to haunt the bank Wednesday as it settled U.S. government allegations that it attempted over five years to rig ...

Naser Khaledi, Ph.D.

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