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Stock Market Fed Tightening - Business Insider

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BI: Finance - Fed Chair Janet Yellen made it official yesterday: After nearly a year of "tapering," the Fed is done buying bonds. The next step, barring a deterioration in the economy, will be to raise interest ...

Blueprint for Better Business gives companies a 'get out of jail free card' | Guardian Sustainable Business

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Sustainable Business - Corporations have lost their moral compass and need to return to a core sense of purpose if there is to be any hope of creating a sustainable society, according to a new initiative launched today. ...

The US Actually Praised China For Increased Role In Afghanistan - Business Insider

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BI: Finance - BEIJING (Reuters) - The United States welcomed China's growing role in trying to ensure Afghanistan's stability on Thursday, saying a Beijing conference of foreign ministers on Afghan reconstructio...

India Stocks Hit New Record - Business Insider

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BI: Finance - India's Sensex stock index is climbing to record intraday highs early Thursday. It's up 0.62% today so far, sitting at 27,265.73 currently. This might seem a little surprising: the US has just anno...

Rosneft Profit Hurt By Ruble - Business Insider

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BI: Finance - Rosneft, Russia's biggest oil producer, reported a net profit of just 1 billion rubles ($23 million) in the third quarter, down from 172 billion rubles ($3 billion) in the previous quarter. The com...

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