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Even in Entrepreneurship, Women Face Gender Constraints

Shared by Bloomberg - For women who face disadvantages in climbing the corporate ladder, entrepreneurship is a potential way for them to meet their potential. But even then, women still face gender-related constraints w...

7 Ways a Plus-Size Model and CEO Turns Followers Into Sales

Shared by Entrepreneur - Position yourself for growth in 2017—join us live at the Entrepreneur 360™ Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 16. Secure Your Seat » Model and entrepreneur Ashley Alexiss launched her swimwea...

Developer on VR sexual assault: 'My heart sank'

Shared by CNNMoney - The woman, Jordan Belamire, was shooting zombies alongside strangers in QuiVr when another player virtually rubbed her chest and shoved his "hand" toward her virtual crotch. "Our first response was...

IBM Watson is coming to the iPhone, and that's big news for business users - TechRepublic - IBM Watson may be coming soon to an enterprise iOS app near you, the company announced at the IBM World of Watson 2016 event on Tuesday. In a first-of-its-kind move, IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps ca...

How artificial intelligence will impact accounting

Shared by SAMantilla - So many works of film and fiction are hooked on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and what it might mean for humanity. They are often apocalyptic tales – Blade Runner, Alien, Terminator – wh...

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