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Effective Leadership and Strategic Storytelling - More Than Sound

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Daniel Goleman

morethansound.net - That begs the question: What kinds of strategic storytelling levers does a leader use to motivate people in a desired direction? First, it depends on your audience. If you are working with people w...

10 Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

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Marie Petrescu

psychologytoday.com - I was inspired to write this blog post when my friend sent me an article from KevinMD.com called “Confessions of a Burnt-Out Physician.” Having experienced burnout myself, I’m keenly aware of the t...

Brain inflammation linked to clinical depression, study finds

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Marie Petrescu

foxnews.com - Brain inflammation may be a marker for clinical depression, suggests a small study by Canadian researchers. “This finding provides the most compelling evidence to date of brain inflammation during ...


Lawyer with a special interest in Human rights, Encryption and Cyber crimes, Strategist and a Transpersonal Psychologist. Pioneer of e-Consciousness. Author of 4 books including “ Clinical Psychology” Head Faculty of Creative Studies;VP Neuroscience Research Centre

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