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The Mystery of Left-Handedness

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brainblogger.com - Until recently, left-handedness was a matter of great prejudice, and in many cultures, it was common to force left-handed children to write with their right hand. Throughout the world, the prevalen...

School readiness of at-risk children can be boosted by self-regulation intervention - Medical News Today

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medicalnewstoday.com - An intervention that uses music and games to help preschoolers learn self-regulation skills is helping prepare at-risk children for kindergarten, a new study from Oregon State University shows. Sel...

Brain’s reaction to virtual reality should prompt further study, suggests new neuroscience study - PsyPost

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psypost.org - UCLA neurophysicists have found that space-mapping neurons in the brain react differently to virtual reality than they do to real-world environments. Their findings could be significant for people ...

Rejecting unsuitable suitors goes against the grain - Medical News Today

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medicalnewstoday.com - You're at a slumber party with your friends. One friend asks "if a guy at school asked you out, but you weren't really attracted to him, would you go?" You laugh and shake your head no: "Why would ...


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