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How to Change Human Behavior: Basic Concepts in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

Shared by Rachel Cohen

pro.psychcentral.com - No matter your situation or whether you would like to change your own behavior or someone else’s, the concepts in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) can help you in many ways. Although ABA is the syst...

Cerebellar Control of Defense Reactions under Orexin-mediated Neuromodulation as a Model of Cerebellohypothalamic Interaction

Shared by Robert Moss

aimspress.com - Abstract: Recent evidence has indicated that, when an animal is exposed to harmful stimuli, hypothalamic orexinergic neurons are activated via the amygdala and in turn tune the neuronal circuits in...

ADHD: Fails To Listen

blogs.psychcentral.com - ADHD is so multifaceted that absolutely nothing about this disorder is simple. Thus diagnosis is complicated by the convolutions of the manifestation of the symptom combinations. That, was a fancy ...


Shared by David Webb

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