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India Photos: Learn as if you were to live forever

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Abigail King - What most of us have in common across the world, at least us lucky ones, is that we went to school. And if we didn’t manage that, for all the layers of reasons why, we did all have a childhood. Thi...

The Cavalier Daily :: Blogs : On sexual assault: letters from the community

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John Edwin Mason - For several semesters in 2010, 2011, and 2012, I taught a large lecture course, at the University of Virginia, on gender-based violence: SOC 2380. Enrollment for the course varied from 100 to 175 s...

Understanding Key Photography Terms (Video Tutorial) -

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William Miero - Are you thinking of going to photo school? conducted an independent survey to find out which schools are the most recommended by other photographers.

Subhashish Nag Choudhury

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Great Photographers - Camera Gear: Canon 60D Lenses: Canon EF50 f/1.2L USM, EF100-250 f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Flash: Canon, Tripod Current Location: Kolkata, India Flickr: Facebo...

The Royal Look, by Subhashish Nag Choudhury

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Light & Composition - I took this photograph of a Bengal tiger named “Lakshman” at Bannerghata National Park in Bangalore, Karnataka while roaming around during the Tiger Safari. Award Winner: Photo of the Day | July 31...

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