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Jardines para soñar. Fotografías premiadas en IGPOTY N.9: Beautiful Gardens

Shared by G.R. - ¿Volvemos a soñar? Qué remedio, cuánto más complicado se pone todo, más necesario resulta echar mano de la imaginación. Si, además, nos lo ponen fácil, es casi inevitable soñar un poco. Los jardine...

Marina Morón - Doors | LensCulture - _marina_morón Jesús Marina Barba. PhD in History, Full Professor in Granada University. Elena Morón Serna, PhD in Architecture. They are an artistic team based in Sevilla-Granada (Spain). Solo Exhi...

Harrison Lansing

Victoria BC photographer | Staff member at Western Academy of Photography

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I hope you find this digest useful, and that you feel it's worth sharing. If not, or if you have suggestions for making it better, please let me know. Cheers, Harrison
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