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An Inquiry Framework: Levels Of Student Ownership

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TeachThought - An Inquiry Framework: 5 Levels Of Student Ownership Student ownership is the degree to which a learner feels a natural sense of responsibility and curiosity about their work. In contrast with simpl...

Tablets for Fifth Graders? Teachers Try Different Tactics

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MindShift - Schools across the country are increasingly starting to use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones as classroom tools. But some educators are still skeptical that devices will distract student...

Yahoo Beats In Q3 With Revenue Of $1.09B, EPS Of $0.52

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TechCrunch - With all eyes on what Yahoo will do with its $5 billion+ in Alibaba cash, Yahoo today reported its Q3 earnings after the close of trading, with sales of $1.09 billion excluding traffic acquisition ...

Fraud Loss Prevention

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Browsingprivacy - Detecting Malice: Preface User Disposition Deducing Without Knowing Book Overview Who Should Read This Book? Why Now? A Note on Style Working Without a Silver Bullet Special Thanks Chapter 1 - DNS ...

Student Support Associate

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James Sanders - Support edX students by handling or routing inquiries that come in from our websites, email, chat and social media. This involves: If you are interested in this position, please send an email to jo...

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The Best Way to Build Student E-Portfolios: Use Evernote

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Stephen Thergesen - Although Evernote already is a fairly well-known app, very few educators realize its potential building and sharing student portfolios. Having a well-organized e-portfolio is important: It can foll...

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Student use of mobile devices in science practicals: Perceptions, impediments and the future ~ Monash Science teaching and innovation

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IT Knowingness - Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way students use and interact with educational materials. Students now have access to a range of electronic devices that make learning more inter...

Technology integration and some tools to support it - Mark Anderson's Blog

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Mark Anderson
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