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When Students Get Creative With Tech Tools, Teachers Focus on Skills

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IT Knowingness - One of the most intimidating aspects of infusing technology into curriculum is that educators often believe that they will have to master and then teach their students to use new technology tools b...

The University of Texas System makes bold move into competency-based education

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IT Knowingness - AUSTIN – The University of Texas System will be the first in the nation to launch a personalized, competency-based education program system-wide aimed at learners from high school through post-grad...

When School Leaders Empower Teachers, Better Ideas Emerge

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Mark Anderson - Teachers are increasingly being pushed into new roles as their ability to connect online opens up new opportunities. Educators are finding their own professional development, sharing lesson plans a...

Ms. Stevens Goes To Washington

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EdSurge - Katrina Stevens, who led the EdSurge Summit team for a year and played a pivotal role in startup EdtechMaryland at the same time, has settled for one job--this with the US Department of Education a...

Obamas launch global focus on the education of girls

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Being Example - President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama announced a government initiative Tuesday to support the education of girls around the globe. As part of “Let Girls Learn,” federal agencies will direc...

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IIS exploits in Windows Server and how you can fix them

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IT-CYBERSECURITY - I believe it's safe to say that a common goal of Windows server administrators is to have reasonably resilient systems. There's a lot going on in the world of online security threats. The last thin...

How to Stay Off the Data Breach List

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IBM Security - Rohan is the Product Marketing Manager for IBM Endpoint Manager which is part of the Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure brand at IBM. He is responsible for the worldwide marketing... Though cyberattack...

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