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How Transparency Can Transform School Culture

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MindShift - To meet the challenges of teaching in an increasingly connected world, school leaders, educators and community members could benefit from building a culture of transparency and connectivity, creati...

BBC News - Is Australia still the Lucky Country?

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BBC News (World) - It's 50 years since the publication of one of Australia's most iconic books. The Lucky Country by Donald Horne, which came out in 1964, has gone on to become a cult classic, as well as saddling thi...

Fraud Loss Prevention

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Browsingprivacy - Detecting Malice: Preface User Disposition Deducing Without Knowing Book Overview Who Should Read This Book? Why Now? A Note on Style Working Without a Silver Bullet Special Thanks Chapter 1 - DNS ...

The Second Languages In Every Part Of The World - Business Insider

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Business Insider - The website is a resource for people looking to move abroad. They've released this eye-opening infographic that shows the second language of every region across the globe. Some are rath...

Four in 10 Americans face regular online fraud attacks: Microsoft survey - Microsoft on the Issues

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Eric Vanderburg - Four in 10 people in the U.S. report experiencing weekly and even daily attempts via their personal computers to access their personal information and other valuable data, results of a new Microsof...

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