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Paper.li is a service run by SmallRivers, a fully funded startup based in Lausanne, Switzerland - a place by the lake overlooking the swiss alps...i.e. there are worse places to be ;-)

Our offices are on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - this means you have access to 150 different sport activities, access to many food places and public transport. We offer flexible work hours and your choice of tools. We even have a coffe drip if you need it...


Software Engineer – data infrastructure

About this Job

We are looking for an outstanding software engineer to join our Data Infrastructure team. You will be responsible for the technical soundness, scalability and operational effectiveness of our platform services. Your role will also focus on problem solving, design and programming ability, as well as on your ability to provide technical leadership and guidance.

Paper.li allows millions of people to filter the web according to their specific needs. We believe in the power of curation, and how shared content can bring people together to accomplish things.

Daily we collect vast amounts of data from the social web on behalf of our users. Everyday we already extract and semantically analyze hundreds of millions social posts and articles. The goal is to enhance the Paper.li platform to process more data from additional sources, as well as implementing powerful new systems and tools to help our organization find patterns and trends, understanding and solving complex problems in a structured way and reaching valuable data driven conclusions.

Who are we looking for?

We look for an outstanding software engineer who is thrilled by building large systems and tools to handle and make most use of large amount of data by developing and maintaining the large data clusters to process vast data volumes in the most efficient way for millions of users.

You also need intellectual curiosity and the ability to understand and solve not always well-defined problems to understand how systems can help to guide our business decisions.

The skills should also be combined with a passion for numbers, statistics and data analysis.

Some of the technologies we’re working with are Cassandra, Kafka, Zookeeper and Redis. Experience with these technologies is definitely something we value. Most of the Paper.li backend is written in Clojure, and previous experience with Clojure would be valuable. You should preferably have worked with system development and large data sets before - the larger, the better! And experience with Hadoop would top it off.

You’ll be working with a small team of people who are passionate about what they do - and we expect no less from you. You should have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and improving existing ones. If you’re the right one for us, you will want to change the world…and make it happen!

If this position sounds interesting, e-mail us your C.V along with a few words of why you think you're right for this position to jobs@paper.li. We will review the information that you send us. If there is a shared work philosophy, similar goals and the matching skills to make things happen, we will come back to you.