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Latest updates as Jeremy Corbyn faces a new wave of Brexit resignations - Jeremy Corbyn remains defiant in the face of a fresh mutiny but Tom Watson has the Labour leader he has lost members' support. The count of Labour resignations is 32 and rising, although Mr Corbyn ...

Student evaluations of teaching are not only unreliable, they are significantly biased against female instructors. - A series of studies across countries and disciplines in higher education confirm that student evaluations of teaching (SET) are significantly correlated with instructor gender, with students regula...

This Is Just the Start of the Brexit’s Economic Disaster

Shared by Jon Wright - LONDON — A few weeks before Britons voted on whether to remain part of the European Union, Michael Gove, one of the leaders of the Leave campaign, was asked why he should be trusted over the overwh...

Brexit: Gibraltar in talks with Scotland to stay in EU - BBC News - Gibraltar is in talks with Scotland about a plan to keep parts of the UK in the EU, BBC Newsnight has learned. Fabian Picardo, the territory's chief minister, told the BBC he was speaking to Scotla...

Torn families of Cambodian refugees deported from US - Al Jazeera English

Shared by Ira Socol - On a cold winter's day before Christmas, on December 2, 1984, Sokhoeurn and her two sons set foot in the United States for the first time, after fleeing their birthplace of Cambodia from civil war ...

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A Central Idea Beautifully Phrased

Shared by Ira Socol - A few miles off the coast of north Dublin lies Lambay Island, extending to almost 600 acres and at its highest point rising some 416 feet. In 1904 the island was bought for £5,250 by Cecil Baring, ...

School's out – so let's reclaim the great outdoors for our children

Shared by Kelly S - Most surveys show that today's parents recognise that something has changed since their own childhoods, when – whether they grew up in town or country, they would routinely be thrown out their back...

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HCPC: Health, disability and becoming a health and care professional - Health, disability and becoming a health and care professional Our new guidance aims to encourage, enable and support disabled people who are considering or training to become HCPC-registered profe...

NIHR DC | Signal - Pain on injection of a widely used anaesthetic may be reduced if a common anti-sickness drug is given first

Shared by Alicia Ridout - BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: 5-hydroxytryptamine3 (5-HT3) receptor antagonists have been commonly used to reduce propofol injection pain. The aim of this meta-analysis was to evaluate the efficacy an...

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How to stop Brexit: get your MP to vote it down | Geoffrey Robertson

Shared by Ira Socol - It’s not over yet. A law that passed last year to set up the EU referendum said nothing about the result being binding or having any legal force. “Sovereignty” – a much misunderstood word in the ca...

Dumping Jeremy Corbyn would give Labour's popularity 12 point boost, according to new poll

Shared by Dai Davies - But that figure jumped to almost half, 48 per cent, if the veteran socialist was no longer in charge – a 12 point boost. Mr Corbyn is facing intense pressure to resign following a series of dramati...

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Registration Fees and Booking

Shared by COT - Final Information for delegates for the 2016 Annual Conference is now available. Please take the time to read through this in advance of your attendance. Click here to view or download the PDF file...

Look Before You Leap - COTSS-IP Conference 2016

Shared by COTSS-IP - This one-day training course is endorsed by the College of Occupational Therapists and aimed at occupational therapists who are either contemplating the leap or who have already ventured into indep...

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Medicare Fraud Strike Force Takes Down a Historical 301 Individuals for Approximately $900 million in False Billings - On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that the Medicare Fraud Strike Force conducted a nationwide sweep resulting in charges against 301 individuals for approximate...

Learning to Count Activity

Shared by Hiral OT

Ateliers de manipulation type Montessori

Shared by Hiral OT
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The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood: a novel born from anger

Shared by Thooha Saleem - Charlotte Wood, author of The Natural Way of Things. Photo: Steven Siewert Cooking and feeding people are so central to Charlotte Wood's nature that even in a novel about a group of starving prison...

Balloon Tennis Indoor Gross Motor Play Activity

Shared by Hiral OT

Writing Your Way Back from Aphasia - Stroke Recovery

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Straw Beading Fine Motor Busy Bag - Toddler Busy Bag, Learning Game, OT

Shared by Hiral OT - Pinterest is using cookies to help give you the best experience we can.Learn More Explore Fine Motor Activities, Game Ot, and more! Straw Beading Fine Motor Busy Bag - Toddler Busy Bag, Learning Ga...

WeeKidz Challenge Course

Shared by Hiral OT

Sense of Wonder Play School: Let's Play Dentist

Shared by Hiral OT

Little Family Fun: Build-a-Truck!

Shared by Hiral OT

35 Name Activities for Preschoolers

Shared by Hiral OT

Frozen Water Beads in Water Balloons ~ Learn Play Imagine

Shared by Hiral OT
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50 Outdoor Games to DIY This Summer

Shared by Hiral OT - Pool noodle pony -- So I saw this grandma in the store the other day and her little granddaughter was there with her riding her noodle pony. I HAD to ask how she did it... She said pinterest, big s...

DIY Portable LEGO Kit with 24 Free Printable Activity Cards

Shared by Hiral OT

Busy Bag Idea: Pool Noodle Stringing

Shared by Hiral OT

Fine Motor Activities Using Geo Chalkboard

Shared by Hiral OT

Gross Motor Learning with Hop on Pop

Shared by Hiral OT

26 Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers that Like to MOVE

Shared by Hiral OT
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