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WHO | 10 facts on polio eradication

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WHO - There are 2 forms of vaccine available to ward off polio - oral polio vaccine (OPV) and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). Because OPV is an oral vaccine, it can be administered by anyone, even volun...

WHO | What is vaccine-derived polio?

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WHO - It takes a long time for a cVDPV to occur. Generally, the strain will have been allowed to circulate in an un- or under-immunized population for a period of at least 12 months. Circulating VDPVs oc...

WHO | Poliomyelitis

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WHO - In 1988, the forty-first World Health Assembly adopted a resolution for the worldwide eradication of polio. It marked the launch of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), spearheaded by na...

WHO | Mali confirms its first case of Ebola

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WHO - Mali’s Ministry of Health has confirmed the country’s first case of Ebola virus disease. The Ministry received positive laboratory results, from PCR testing, on Thursday and informed WHO immediatel...

2014 | Health Science Inquiry

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Monty - Our theme this year is Primary Health Care and Health Care Reform. This issue covers a range of topics related to challenges and opportunities for primary care delivery, clinical aspects of care an...

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How One Boy With Autism Became BFF With Apple’s Siri -

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TecAccess - Just how bad a mother am I? I wondered, as I watched my 13-year-old son deep in conversation with Siri. Gus has autism, and Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant” on the iPhone, is currentl...


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OT for kids - You will learn how to use the iPad (technology) as an OT to support skill development.  You will also learn how to set up the iPad and search for apps to support the needs of your clients.  25 apps...

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