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Display retargeting 101: a handy guide to the buzziest ads on the internet

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Denise Balcarcel - Retargeting relies fundamentally on collecting user data and applying it intelligently to expedite conversions. This post looks at the case for retargeting, the working behind it, and how to design...

Need to know: Standard Web Retargeting vs Facebook Exchange

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Ha Phuong Miu - Jun 9, 2014 Need to know: Standard Web Retargeting vs Facebook Exchange Posted by Ha Phuong Miu at 12:31 PM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Digital Ma...

Overcoming Retargeting Challenges Through Predictive Segmentation 11/18/2014

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relatewise - As I considered this offline remarketing tactic, it got me thinking about its online equivalent, which we all know as retargeting. Retargeting platforms serve specific messages to consumers based o...

Get Out The Vote With Retargeting And Dynamic Ads

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Monica Kosvic - Campaign Details: Our Voter Awareness and Get Out The Vote media proposal will incorporate several campaign strategies to help achieve our campaign objectives. It can be assumed that all strategies...

How to reach your email subscribers through social media retargeting - Adestra Post

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Shannon Brown - You spend your efforts and resources attracting new customers, and now, due to the connectivity of the world we live in, you can follow them as they navigate through different channels. In its simp...

Facebook Tag API & Facebook Event Based Custom Audiences - Cornel Coman

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Cornel Coman - First of all, english is not my native language so I’ll appreciate your feedback. You can find the answer here, but, to be short, it gives you the power to create custom audiences, based on everyth...

Using Non-destructive Retargeting

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Drew Hill - Level: Intermediate Recorded in: Maya 2011 Description: This movie shows how to use retargeting between separate rigs using the HumanIK solver.

WebAnimate tutorials – Retargeting

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Drew Hill - Setting up retargeting takes minutes in WebAnimate – follow these basic steps and you will be porting animation from one model to another in no time.

How Does a PPC Retargeting Campaign Work?

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Drew Hill - Jacques provides an overview on How Does a PPC retargeting Campaign Works. He also explains the process of PPC retargeting and why this revolutionary marketing method gives advertisers the ability ...

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