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Facebook Remarketing - 5 techniques to start now and Profit

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Mihail Tanev - Whenever there’s a launch we want to build a sublist of prospects from your email list. The thing is, not everyone is going to open their emails, so you can instead upload your audience to facebook...

What Does “B2B” Retargeting Mean? :: Demandbase B2B Marketing

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Charles Warnock - With 67% of the B2B buying process taking place online, buying signals on your website are not something you can afford to miss. You need the ability to tune in to these signals and then reach out,...

Quick Guide to Retargeting on Facebook Website Custom Audiences

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Ethan Quah - An overview of how direct response marketers can optimize Facebook’s new custom audience features to improve conversions. In January, Facebook released new ways to target people who have visited a ...

Universal Analytics: Out of beta, into primetime - Analytics Blog

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Justin Seibert - When we first introduced Universal Analytics and ran the beta trial, the number one request from our testers was for full access to all Google Analytics features and tools. Bringing Universal Analy...

Is your CPC campaign just a big gift to your retargeting platform?

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Rob Wagner - CPM buying comes with additional risk. You’re no longer paying only when you get clicks; you’re paying whether you get clicks or not. But this can cut both ways. You may launch your campaign and se...

Stop Guessing and Start Converting: Understanding Visitor Intent

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AlexaDigital - As a mar­keter, it’s your job to cre­ate an opti­mal vis­i­tor experience—a smooth, easy, well-designed path that leads directly to the cart (or the opt-in page, down­load but­ton, or what­ever mar...

IAB Issues Viewability Standards

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Sidra Khan - UK trade bodies representing advertisers, publishers and the ad tech sector have laid down guidelines on viewable ad impressions in a move designed to introduce viewability as a media trading stand...

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