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As a Content Marketing Tool, Retargeting Offers Rich Rewards

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Sally Falkow - Recently, retargeting has become a widespread content marketing tool across many types of digital campaigns: According to the Performance Marketer’s Retargeting Guide, 88 percent of enterprise mark...

How To Use PR, Social Media & Retargeting to Boost Content ROI

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Yael Kochman - Public Relations, Content Marketing & You This great talk by Amy Kenisberg included actionable tips, here are 2 of my personal favs: - Use data and stats that you have to create "news you can use" ...

8 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign

Shared by - Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique when campaigns are run correctly. We recommend the following best practices to help ensure you craft retargeting campaigns that result in the b...

Retargeted Ads Discourage Over Half of Consumers

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Appboy - 55 per cent of consumers are put off buying products or services if they see the same ad online multiple times, a new study has suggested. Only 10 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy somet...

Apple Is Expanding iAD To 70 New Countries - Business Insider

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MikeSutcliff - Apple is transforming itself into a huge e-commerce company. Look at these recent moves the company has made: • Apple is expanding its in-app mobile ad platform iAd to 70 new countries,. • It is ro...

An Introduction to Ad Retargeting - InterServer Blog

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InterServer - Whether you’re using your website to sell products, make money off of advertisers or you just want to share your message with others, you need to make sure people are constantly coming to your site...

Why You Need To Enter The Wonderful World Of Display Ads

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WSI World - Whether you realize it or not, as a user of the Internet, you've encountered display ads. They are the reason you see ads for products or brands whose sites you've previously visited. Once or twice...

Scanning Social Images Can Improve Search Retargeting 10/30/2014

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reachability - Marketers stuck on using search targeting to determine consumer intent may want to rethink their strategy and pull in data from social media. A university professor at the New Jersey Institute of T...

Is Retargeting Prematurely Unwrapping Holiday Presents?

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ExactDrive Inc. - Who would have thought retargeting is working too well? Was your significant other less than surprised when they unwrapped their present? Several friends have complained about retargeting ads showi...

SteelHouse | CANVAS Multi-touch Marketing Platform

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SteelHouse - You need to qualify your audience segments before you design a campaign around them. With SteelHouse, you decide how to spend your campaign budget based on your site visitors' cart values, shopped ...

Marketing Strategy - Marketing Retargeting: Trends, Benchmarks, and Challenges : MarketingProfs Article

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Bannersnack - Ayaz Nanji is an independent digital strategist and the co-founder of Inbound ContentWorks, a marketing agency that specializes in content creation for businesses and brands. He is also a research ...

What Is Retargeting?

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adROX Inc - A visitor comes to your website. They explore your website and learn about your products but leave before making a purchase. Exact Drive displays your ads on websites they visit later, bringing the...

The Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Retargeting

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Omar Khan - Retargeting has become a necessary ingredient in the digital advertiser’s marketing mix. 96% of advertisers say retargeting is already a part of their marketing mix, and 50% plan to increase retarg...

Retargeting 3.0: Sequential Ad Messaging & Customer-Centricity

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Mehrak Saheb - Have you ever found yourself the victim of a poorly designed and executed retargeting campaign? Who are we kidding, of course you have. Abusive retargeting is like chugging ipecac syrup; it will im...

Retargeting (and display advertising): Is it really necessary? — REZORA BLOG

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rezora - Sitting in front of my computer, preparing to introduce another article written about a recently improved marketing channel, the famed Pixies song, Where is My Mind? enters the air waves. Marketing...

How to Install a Facebook Retargeting Pixel on Lead Pages – Team Training

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Drew Hill - How to Install a Facebook Retargeting Pixel on Lead Pages – Team Training

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