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The Dos and Don'ts of Retargeting Campaigns - eZanga Articles

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Nicole Babic - A few weeks ago, we defined and explained the different types of retargeting. By the end of the post, you hopefully understood the different ways you can re-engage your website's visitors and the b...

Automated Automotive Display Campaign SEM

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Chris Burns - driveMATIC is currently working to implement a fully automated display banner campaign option in addition to our standard automated automotive SEM solution! We will be taking images from your inven...

Targeting Mantra Product Review and Profile on Moblized

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Great Service - TargetingMantra is a personalization SaaS solution for e-commerce businesses that helps increase revenues through cross-selling & up-selling, personalized recommendations, engaging consumers better...

2 Search Retargeting Mistakes To Avoid

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Mike Weber - Running a keyword level performance report for your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign (if you are actively running one) is a fantastic place to start researching and generating a list of keywo...

What Is Retargeting?

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ExactDrive Inc. - A visitor comes to your website. They explore your website and learn about your products but leave before making a purchase. Exact Drive displays your ads on websites they visit later, bringing the...

Is Retargeting Prematurely Unwrapping Holiday Presents?

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Shannon Smith - Who would have thought retargeting is working too well? Was your significant other less than surprised when they unwrapped their present? Several friends have complained about retargeting ads showi...

What is Retargeting and How to Start Your First $100 Campaign

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Austin D'Mello - Have you ever wondered how the hell Zappos can show you ads about the shoes you looked at a few days ago? Or how you can continually see my face all over the internet after you visit

Magento E-Commerce | Web Agency in Shanghai & Hong Kong

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FOJ Project - Magento offers flexible, scalable e-Commerce solutions designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. The Magento platform is trusted by more than 150,000 businesses, including some of the wo...

Retargeting Guide Part 1: Choosing a Retargeting Platform

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Add3 - With all of the vast amounts of information available at potential customers’ finger tips, most transactions and leads aren’t earned in a single visit to a site. Comparison shopping is easier than ...

The 12 Days Of Holiday Marketing Tips 12/19/2014

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KORVUE - ‘Tis the season to think strategically about how you market to customers. With so many brands competing for attention in stores, online, in the email inbox, on social media and other marketing chan...


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Kamal Ambrishapal - "Build targeted audiences with every link you share" Sharing a popular article on social media is almost guaranteed to drive likes, shares, and re-tweets that improve your social metrics, but how d...

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