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Proactive Social Media: Super Bowl Edition

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Social Media Today - New England. Seattle. What a game that was! Yes I said was. No, this article wasn't posted a week early. It's in fact timed perfectly because it's not about the big game, it's about the social medi...

How Often Should You Post to Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social Media Today - One of the more popular questions marketers tend to ask relates to how often to post to social media. The truth of the matter is simple: the frequency with which you post will differ based on both ...

How to Supercharge Your Freelancing Business Using Social Media

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Social Media Today - Running a business alone is not an easy task. You have to spend time delivering services to clients while simultaneously marketing yourself and handling administrative tasks. At the end of the day,...

The Hidden Features of Social Media You Should Be Using to Maximize Your Profile

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Social Media Today - Social media is such a great place for businesses, and you know that maximizing your profile by loading photographs, filling out your bio, and staying active are important. However, what you might ...

Does Social Media Stress You Out?

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Social Media Today - There’s rather a lot to suggest that social media isn’t very good for our general wellbeing.  For instance, it’s widely believed that we aren’t especially honest when we share things on Facebook, a...

The Mindset, Skillset, Dataset Approach to Social Media

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Women Social Media - Social media is known to be an addictive medium and can be a performance deflator at work. But it also represents a big area of opportunity for marketers who want to target market based on social m...

People Still Share Most of Their Content on Facebook (Twitter? Not so Much)

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Women Social Media - Wrong, at least when it comes to sharing content, where Facebook continues to reign supreme. Indeed, according to a new study from ShareThis, Facebook’s “share of shares” grew 8.2 percent in Q4 201...

Social Network Audience Growth Plateaus in Canada - eMarketer

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Women Social Media - Canada’s social network user population is reaching a saturation point, with just under 20 million people in the country expected to access social networks at least monthly this year, according to ...

Tip: Signs of a healthy Twitter account « Social Fresh

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Women Social Media - Peter Bray (@petebray) did a great data rich post over on the Moz blog last month about what factors relate to an increase in Twitter followers. It is very in depth, with a ton of charts. If you ar...

Digital Marketing Audit By Social Media Help 4 USocial Media Help 4 U

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Antonio Trento☕ - Social Media Help 4 U is a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious based business services, providing intuitive and sk...

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