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5 PR Tips for Martin Shkreli AKA the 'Most-Hated Man' in America - Former pharmaceutical company CEO, Martin Shkreli can't seem to help himself. Shkreli is the 32-year old one-time Wall Street wunderkind who went on to launch a couple drug companies and was subseq...

Want longer iPhone battery life? Delete the Facebook app

Shared by Mashable - We've featured a number of ways to save battery life on your smartphone before, but there may be an easier way to get up to 20% more juice on your iPhone: Stop using the Facebook app. Following And...

Could mini black holes power Earth? Stephen Hawking thinks so

Shared by Mashable - Quick, what's the best way to provide an alternative source of energy for the Earth? If you answered, "Get a mini black hole to orbit Earth," then you and physicist Stephen Hawking may be thinking ...

Get ready for 'Bloom,' a gay YA romance comic about baking

Shared by Mashable - Get those baking puns off the back burner, because things are heating up. Veteran comic writer Kevin Panetta and artist Savanna Ganucheau are teaming up on a new graphic novel for First Second Book...

Was Einstein right? Ripples in space-time may have been found

Shared by Mashable - Are the rumors true? Whispers about a possible detection of actual ripples in space-time have been swirling for weeks, and on Thursday, the world may find out if one of Albert Einstein's boldest pr...

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Winners and losers from Super Bowl 50's Ad Bowl

Shared by Mashable - The sports analysts say the key to winning the Super Bowl is the big D: Defense. That's true even of brands. With so much money on the line — $170,000 a second this year — it's important to get it ...


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