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2014 Social Network Demographics - Business Insider

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Women Social Media - The demographics of who's on what social network are shifting — older social networks are reaching maturity, while newer social messaging apps are gaining younger users fast. In a new report from B...

How to Optimize Your Images to Work Across Social Networks

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Women Social Media - Are you making different images for each type of social share? Creating one image that looks good on several networks saves time, money and improves your visibility. In this article you’ll discover...

Why Logos, Cartoons And Other

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Sandi Krakowski - Why Logos, Cartoons And Other "Non-Relationship" Connections Don't Belong On Your Social Media Connections  At first glance that cutie up above seems pretty neat, doesn't she? But as the author of ...

Social Media Etiquette, Best Practices And Manners For A Big Business

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Sandi Krakowski - Social Media Etiquette, Best Practices And Manners For A Big Business The world of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and Linked In has made it possible for nearly anyone to get in contact with well, ne...

How To Make More Money In Direct Sales Online- Step By Step Through Social Media

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Sandi Krakowski - Let me share something very strategic with you that occurred in 2009. It was at this time that we began to use social media marketing for our business. As a freelance copywriter and marketer, initi...

Make Money With Social Media The Quick, Easy & Fun Way!

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Sandi Krakowski - One of the things I absolutely LOVE about social media is that it never ever sleeps! When my son was hospitalized in 2010 during the month of December it was so comforting and encouraging to have f...

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