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True Confessions of a Social Media Professional

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Social Media Today - I believe there are three types of social media professionals – the rookie, the wannabe and the actual pro. The rookie is the new kid on the block. Whether they’ve landed their first job at a compa...

Auditions, Social Media and Blogging May Help the Long-Term Unemployed

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Social Media Today - The high unemployment rate in the United States is something that many people have been working hard to improve. Recently, many companies have started turning towards techniques that some people ma...

Speak Human-to-Human in Social Media

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Social Media Today - Sometimes, you come across a marketing concept so simple and effective you wonder why everyone didn’t think of it ages and ages ago. I know I’m certainly not the only person who’s gotten that impre...

What Cohort Analysis on Ello Reveals

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Social Media Today - Though it’s been called everything from the Facebook killer to just another blip on the social network radar, a RJMetrics analysis of Ello's public post, follower, and following data paints a posit...

Low Engagement? Is Your Account Too Boring?

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Social Media Today - As someone who actively uses Twitter -- as in, someone else is not in control of my account, and I check my feed just as often as my notifications -- I pull up my Twitter on a daily basis.  I follo...

VoIP Uses In Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Today - Social Media Marketing is complicated and a true necessity for small companies. The VoIP services will help you enhance a social footprint. In the event you lack online components, you cannot compl...

Why Posting More Often On Social Media & Not Talking About Your Products WORKS!

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Sandi Krakowski - Why Posting More Often On Social Media & Not Talking About Your Products WORKS! For the last two years I've been saying you should post more often and sell less. My entire strategy here at A Real C...

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