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WATCH: I Will Nominate Scalia Replacement, Says Obama

Shared by The Advocate - Amid demands from Republicans that his successor appoint a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, President Obama has said firmly that he will submit a nominee and that the ...

My Butch Valentine

Shared by huffpostqueer - To be honest, I had given up on myself. Even though I was writing and getting my work published, had three amazing kids that I had worked so hard to bring into this world, and many things to feel t...

Actually, Lincoln Would Be Horrified By Today's GOP

Shared by huffpostqueer - Here's a little history lesson: when the Republican Party first emerged in the 1850s, its policies were more akin to the modern Democratic Party, including our country's very first income tax.  But...

Lesbian Nominated to Head Puerto Rico Supreme Court

Shared by GLAAD - Puerto Rico Supreme Court Justice Maite Oronoz Rodríguez, who is lesbian, has been nominated to be the court’s chief justice, a move that would make her the first openly LGBT chief justice in the U...

Nude Photos Prove 'Big And Beautiful' People Have Love Stories Too

Shared by huffpostqueer - The timely series features a diverse variety of couples getting their romance on -- whether posing cheekily in burlesque gear or cuddling gently in the nude. The images, as you might imagine, come ...

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Ross Mathews Recalls The Moment He Chose To Embrace His 'Man Boobs' And 'High' Voice

Shared by huffpostqueer - The "X-Files" actress revealed she's had numerous relationships with women in a 2012 interview with Out magazine. The 43-year-old mother of three, who's long enjoyed a sizable lesbian fanbase, told...

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