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A boy called Emma?: Proposed Finnish naming law - - English blog

Shared by MyHeritage - Imagine a boy named Emma or a girl named Joshua. Sounds strange? Sounds normal? In Finland, these gender-switching names may become a reality. The current Finish naming law, dating from 1985, is ab...

Happy Halloween: Spooky Collections, Online Graveyards and more - - English blog

Shared by MyHeritage - Ditch the flashlight this Halloween and take a trip through MyHeritage’s online graveyards. We've found over 100,000 Freddy Kruegers, 6,000 Munster families and 5,000 Frankensteins in our vast data...

Adopted sisters find each other through DNA testing

Shared by Jan Dunlap - IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) - Lisa Olivera shifted from foot to foot nervously as she watched the front door in Idaho Falls Regional Airport on Sunday. The 28-year-old Novato, Calif., woman looked down...

Will of John Wheatcroft 1752

Shared by Declan Hoare - In the name of God Amen I John WHEATCROFT of Washington in the/ parish of Crich in the County of Derby Yeoman being of sound and disposing mind memory/ and understanding (praised be God for the sam...

The Generosity Project and the Start Conference - Living a Warrior Life

Shared by Jen Baldwin - There are SO MANY things I could write about in regards to Jon Acuff’s Start Conference!!  I could write about each speaker, the tips they gave, the wisdom they imparted, the amazing people with wh...


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