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In Beirut, Syrian Refugees Cook to Survive—and Remember - Bon Appétit

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المرشح أبو كار - Kamal Mouzawak never fashioned himself a diplomat. But in Lebanon, a country divided across volatile religious and sectarian fault lines, even peeling a clove of garlic can become a political act. ...

What if the Feature is The Bug? — The Message — Medium

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Zeynep Tufekci - Turkey’s election night was a strange one. Many questions swirled around the process, coalescing into an uproar — and then a citizen-led, digital-media led recount. But I write not in praise new me...

Bail denied and journalists asked to leave in ongoing Al Jazeera trial

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Amira Salah-Ahmed - The Cairo Criminal Court adjourned the Al Jazeera trial to May 3, denying another request for bail on Tuesday. The defendants include Egyptian-Canadian chief of Al Jazeera English Mohamed Fadel Fah...

Egypt draft law to widen 'terror' definition - The Washington Post

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Erin Cunningham - CAIRO — New anti-terror legislation proposed by Egypt’s cabinet is drawing searing criticism from rights groups and lawyers who say it would grant authorities far-reaching powers to quash dissent a...

Pharma 'blockbuster' rumours swirl after Glaxo and Novartis deals | Business

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The Guardian - GlaxoSmithKline's chief executive Sir Andrew Witty may believe the days of blockbuster pharmaceutical deals are over, but the concept was still gripping the City on Tuesday amid rumours of a $100bn...

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