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France backs claims that Syrian forces have used chemical weapons recently | World news

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The Guardian - Allegations that Bashar al-Assad's forces have used chemical weapons in recent attacks gained credence on Sunday when France said it had "information" of toxic gases being used against opposition t...

Marine Le Pen accuses Nigel Farage of slander over antisemitism claims | Politics

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The Guardian - The French National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, has accused Nigel Farage of slander after the Ukip leader called her party antisemitic. Farage this week rejected a suggestion from Le Pen that Ukip...

Nigella Lawson's New Zealand visa appears to confirm US ban | Life and style

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The Guardian - New Zealand officials have granted a special visa to Nigella Lawson, who has admitted using cocaine, in an apparent confirmation that she has been blocked from entering the United States, it was re...

26,000 tourists arrive in Egypt on Easter Sunday despite Euro travel alerts - Economy - Business - Ahram Online

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Ahram Online - The name Sham El-Nasim (Inhaling the Breeze) comes from the ancient Coptic language that in turn is derived from Pharaonic language. Al-Ahram detailed that 2,799 tourists came from Israel’s Eilat t...

Segregation Forever - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic

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Shadi Hamid - A few weeks ago I wrote skeptically of the jaunty uplifting narrative that sees white supremacy's inevitable defeat. One reason I was so skeptical was because I'd been reading the reporting of Niko...

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