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'Twin Peaks' revival: A closer look at the 217-member cast

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ew.com - On Monday, Showtime emailed a press release announcing that director David Lynch had wrapped principal photography on a revival of Twin Peaks, the classic cosmic horror soap he created with Mark Fr...

Something for the weekend in Mancuniam (UK)

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screencritics.co.uk - Each year London a marvellous mardi gras of the grotesque takes place with ‘Frightfest,’ a film festival just for us horror buffs. Unfortunately I don’t live in London and neither does about 56 mil...

Update 8: We're 25% Funded!!! · SCYTHE - A Realistic Slasher Film

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kickstarter.com - As the title says we are indeed 25% funded, with 19 days left to go!! Which is amazing and awesome.! Now, here's the not so great news. Here is where we stand:   That green line is where we got to ...

Why Use A Foreign Exchange Calendar?

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2article.net - Foreign exchange trading is more often than not based on assumptions determined by a volume of data. It is possible to predict the future by the use of historical forex information, however, care s...

4 Important Rules for You & Your F*ckbuddy

adultmatchmaker.com.au - Man, is it ever complicated, being a person with needs and desires in the 21st century. Sometimes there's no better-sounding arrangement than having an exotic upstairs neighbour you can dial up at ...

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amazon.co.uk - :) Few Little Things I am full time glamour model, welcomer and storm babes girl....Basica​lly professional cock drainer!!! I love my life! I'm 22 years old and live in good old sunny sussex!! 64 S...

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12 Novel Adaptations That Should Get a Do-Over Reboot

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thepassivevoice.com - We’ve all been there: a favored book is snapped up for adaptation, with a whole lot of potential behind it: solid cast, crew, production values, etc. When it hits theaters, you walk out wishing tha...

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India Adds 7.1 GW Renewable Energy Capacity In FY2015–16, Beats Target

cleantechnica.com - Published on April 29th, 2016 | by Saurabh Mahapatra April 29th, 2016 by Saurabh Mahapatra  The renewable energy sector in India registered impressive growth in the financial year 2015–16, which en...

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Today's Rampant TV line-up: 1st May

- By registering an account you are confirming you are over 18 and agree to the Privacy Policy close how the hell did these people ever pass their driving test?!? how the hell did these people ever p...

Peter Greene

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Front page - unasveltina.com

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unasveltina.com - Register to contact unasveltina.com members! I am a: ManWomanCouple (Man + Woman)Couple (Man + Man)Couple (Woman + Woman)Couple (Man + F2M)Couple (Woman + F2M)TransgenderTS Male to FemaleTS Female ...

How to Use Data to Tell a Stronger Story

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8 Strategies How to Get More Likes on Facebook

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blog.hootsuite.com - Who would have ever thought that a tiny digital blue hand giving a thumbs up could become one of the most valuable currencies online? Facebook revolves around likes, so it’s no surprise that anyone...

How to Create a YouTube Account for Business

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WHO Murdered American Journalist Serena Shim & WHY

theobamacrat.com - Haven’t heard of Serena Shim? Get Caught Up. This is the basic story of who Serena Shim was and the events that led up to her death. Please sign Petition here…. https://www.change.org/p/president-o...

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