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The Fig Street Studio Art Report

Pakistan school attack: Taliban kill 145 -

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Maria - Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- As Pakistan started three days of national mourning Wednesday, the Taliban said they targeted a Peshawar army school because its students aspired to follow "the path of...

The 20 Best Tracks of 2014

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The 405 - There's no real interesting way to say that there have been a zillion songs that have caught our attention this year. The new music we write about, feature, share with you, the random tracks we stu...

Murder charges in Massachusetts 'house of horrors' case -

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CNN - (CNN) -- It was a shocking and gruesome scene: Police officers in hazmat suits retrieving dead infants among "mounds of used diapers and feces" from a Massachusetts home back in September. Three bo...

Latest News: Mourning in Pakistan, Russian Economy, 'The Hobbit' -

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The New York Times - That was Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia after the 113th Congress met for the last time Tuesday night. About 200 bills became law in the last two years, the fewest since the 900 laws of the so...

Detractors of Google Take Fight to the States -

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The New York Times - They have lobbied state attorneys general. They have hired former state attorneys general. They have even helped draft a menacing letter for one state attorney general. And they have given the targ...

JK Schwehm, New Orleans

New Orleans Art and Weddings. From Alligators to Zydeco, art from JK Schwehm, artist at Fig Street Studio. Elope to New Orleans with Chaplain Jerry Schwehm. Easy to get married in New Orleans.