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How To Change Unwanted Negative Habits That Hold You Back

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Rex Sikes Movie Beat - “It doesn’t matter what we face in our everyday lives. Whether our lives are okay or downright terrible we will gain great benefit and overall well-being when we begin to embrace a lifestyle filled...

GlobalFortune11 : Welcome To The Future Of Advertising

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geoff clark - The Global Fortune-11 System is one of the cheapest programs to start on the web today

Buffalo's forecast: Warming + rain = flooding -

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CNN - (CNN) -- The Buffalo area waits for the floodwaters to rise. But how high and widespread, that's another matter. Swift-water rescue teams also are in place, along with helicopters, should anyone ge...

The Downside of the Boom -

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The New York Times - WILLISTON, N.D. — In early August 2013, Arlene Skurupey of Blacksburg, Va., got an animated call from the normally taciturn farmer who rents her family land in Billings County, N.D. There had been ...

How Has the Social Role of Poetry Changed Since Shelley? -

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The New York Times - Each week in Bookends, two writers take on questions about the world of books. Shelley once called poets the “unacknowledged legislators of the world.” This week, Adam Kirsch and Leslie Jamison dis...

JK Schwehm, New Orleans

New Orleans Art and Weddings. From Alligators to Zydeco, art from JK Schwehm, artist at Fig Street Studio. Elope to New Orleans with Chaplain Jerry Schwehm. Easy to get married in New Orleans.