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The American author Judy Bruce got a Video Review on The Book Marketing Network, United States - Editions Dedicaces – Official blog Founded in 2009, Editions Dedicaces publish new English language works of writers from the United States, England and elsewhere. All books published by Editions D...

Joe Vizanko

Shared by Marie Drake - Science fiction At the center is the human homeworlds, a three planetary system where humans were born. All throughout the galaxy are colonies of humans, only a handful knows they are not alone. Ea...

What Can We Learn from Trump Sponsoring a Network Marketing Company? – MLM Advice - Many of us have seen promotions from Max International announcing a relationship with Donald Trump. Although we don’t know very much about the actual opportunity being offered, the promotions thems...

Don't brand your business with the label 'ethical'

Shared by Betsy Hanigan - Handmade cosmetics retailer Lush is proud of the fact it does zero advertising. It’s also pretty chuffed about its ethics. It has every right to be, having won an Observer Ethical Award last year. ...

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