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Despite online growth, here's why stores will still be packed this weekend

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usatoday.com - Don't be fooled by Black Friday hype--there are better deals to be had. Over the long holiday weekend, tens of millions of consumers will drive into crowded parking lots, push through hordes of oth...

Blue Origin Launches Bezos’s Space Dreams and Lands a Rocket

nytimes.com - This time, Jeffrey P. Bezos’s rocket went up — and it came down in one piece. Mr. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has been investing some of his wealth in space dreams, establishing a rocket company ...

Think Twice Before Using This Wildly Popular Facebook App

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time.com - It’s an old adage, sure. But on the Internet, it may as well be a scientific law: You don’t get something for nothing. I re-learned this most recently when I tried to see what my most used words on...

This May Be Google's Coolest Invention Ever

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time.com - The technology giant faces the biggest shift since its founding Google.com had a good run. For years, it was the entryway to the World Wide Web for millions of people every single day. For years, i...

Volkswagen reveals fix for European cars in scandal

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usatoday.com - Volkswagen on Wednesday revealed fixes for the European diesel cars involved in its emissions scandal, saying it would require a massive recall lasting all of 2016. It was not immediately clear whe...

10 stores open on Thanksgiving

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247wallst.com - Black Friday shopping has given way to Thanksgiving night shopping. From 24/7 Wall Street, these five stores will open their doors on thanksgiving night to shoppers. Holiday sales make up the lion'...

10 tech turkeys of the year

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usatoday.com - USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham counts down the top 5 tech turkeys of 2015 on #TalkingTech. USA TODAY LOS ANGELES — There were so many tech innovations in 2015, with self-driving cars, virtual reality...

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