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How to successfully use Snapchat for your career

Shared by USA TODAY

themuse.com - If you downloaded Snapchat when it first debuted on the social media scene in 2011, you likely “snapped” a few pictures of yourself or your friends, used the platform’s drawing features to doodle o...

5 Tips for Staying Safe Online From a Google Security Expert

Shared by TIME.com

time.com - We’re living in the age of the data breach. From Target to Home Depot, a growing number of companies have been targeted by hackers hoping to score customers’ personal data and credit card numbers. ...

Samsung DW80J3020US Dishwasher Review

Shared by USA TODAY

dishwashers.reviewed.com - Our biggest gripe with this Samsung is its lack of open space. Normal cups, plates, and bowls were a breeze to load. However, when we needed to load more awkward place settings like casserole dishe...

Zuckerberg says he finds Andreessen's India comments 'deeply upsetting'

Shared by USA TODAY

usatoday.com - Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen apologized Wednesday for a tweet claiming India's stance against colonialism has hurt the country economically, a remark met with criticism from Indian entreprene...

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