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19-Year-Old Teenager Arrested for Exploiting Heartbleed Bug to Steal Data - The Hacker News

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Dan Airinen - A teenager has been arrested by the Canadian police in relation to the infamous malicious breach on the country's taxpayer system using one of the most critical internet flaws, Heartbleed. Heartble...

The Keen Team - Chinese Hacker Group Reveals their Identities - The Hacker News

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Felipe Prado - The Keen Team – a mysterious group of Chinese hackers who hacked Apple’s Safari Mac OS X Mavericks system in just 20 seconds and Windows 8.1. Adobe Flash in only 15 seconds during Pwn2Own Hacking C...

German Aerospace Center targeted by Self-Destructing Spyware - The Hacker News

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Joey - It’s not so far when Germany confirmed its biggest Data theft in the country's history with the usernames and passwords of some 18 million email accounts stolen and compromised by Hackers, and now ...

Password Manager + Secure USB + Phone Charger = LogmeOnce by LogmeOnce — Kickstarter

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Estela Vazquez Perez - Please read our important “Updates” section here on Kickstarter. For everyone’s benefit, we have made it accessible to all, our backers as well as the general public. We can better explain the powe...

CNN op-ed claims right-wingers 'more deadly than jihadists' - Washington Times

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oswald kendy - An opinion piece published by CNN on Tuesday suggests that “right-wing extremists” have killed more Americans than jihadists since 9/11. The piece, titled “U.S. right wing extremists more deadly th...

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