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Fraud Loss Prevention

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Browsingprivacy - Detecting Malice: Preface User Disposition Deducing Without Knowing Book Overview Who Should Read This Book? Why Now? A Note on Style Working Without a Silver Bullet Special Thanks Chapter 1 - DNS ...

Manhunt Underway For "Possibly Armed" Kinox, BitShare and FreakShare Operators

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SocialMediaServices - Just a few days ago news broke that police in Germany had carried out raids in several areas of the country. They were looking for four suspects believed to be the key individuals behind a range of...

MP Joyce Murray on Private Member’s Bill C-622 – CSEC Accountability and Transparency

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Frank D'Angelo - Mr. Speaker, It is indeed a pleasure to rise today to speak on my private members bill C-622, the CSEC Accountability and Transparency Act. This legislation takes an important step forward in updat...

A critique of the balancing metaphor in privacy and security (Mitchener-Nissen, 2014)

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Sirvent-Hien Emilie - The arguments presented by this paper are built on two underlying assertions. The first is that the assessment of surveillance measures often entails a judgement of whether any loss in privacy is l...

Anything You Post Can and Will Be Used Against You - The State of Security

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Cyber Dystopia - Home « News « IT Security and Data Protection « Anything You Post Can and Will Be Used Against You Undoubtedly, we’ve all found ourselves surfing the web for answers when we stumble upon someone we...

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