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Facebook overestimated video metrics for two years, report says

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mashable.com - Facebook overestimated how long people were watching videos on its platform by as much as 80 percent for two years, a new report from the Wall Street Journal says. The tech company said in a post i...

Plane evacuates upon landing at Australia's Perth airport

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mashable.com - On Friday morning, Qantas passengers flying from Newman, Australia to Perth had quite the scare. Upon landing at Perth Airport around 11:36 a.m. local time, the flight's 97 passengers and five crew...

Apptio rises 41% in cloud IPO

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techcrunch.com - Seattle-based Apptio went public on the Nasdaq today, seeing its shares rise nearly 41 percent on its first day of trading. The cloud software company, which targets CIOs, went public during a slow...

Defunct smart jewelry startup Cuff sued by vendors for unpaid work

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techcrunch.com - Cuff, the smart jewelry maker that promised a line of fashion wearables capable of sending emergency alerts to trusted family and friends, shut down earlier this year leaving a number of customer o...

UPS begins testing emergency drone deliveries with CyPhy

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techcrunch.com - Drones might one day blanket cities dropping off Amazon goods, but in the short-term, there’s plenty of opportunity for them to help out in limited engagements, where delivery via other means would...

Airbnb files $555M round with the SEC led by Google Capital and TCV

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techcrunch.com - Airbnb formally filed a Form D with the Securities and Exchange Commission this afternoon announcing that it had raised $555,462,180 in an equity deal. Last month, TechCrunch independently verified...

Marketers say Facebook video metrics scandal is overblown

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techcrunch.com - “The issue is being hugely overblown. Marketers do not care about it, and it has zero impact on spend.” That’s the response of Jason Stein, founder and CEO of 250-employee social marketing agency L...

Elizabeth Warren Just Eviscerated a Major Bank C.E.O. on National Television

Shared by Guy Kawasaki

vanityfair.com - Wells Fargo C.E.O. John Stumpf hasn’t exactly had an easy go of it over the last few weeks. His bank was fined $185 million after it came to light that employees had created millions of unauthorize...

7 Perks the Best Employees Crave (and They're All Completely Free)

Shared by Guy Kawasaki

inc.com - It goes without saying that you need a great compensation and benefits package to attract quality employees. But every day, headhunters and rival companies are working hard to lure your best people...

Week-in-Review: CIOs are not leading digital transformation, but they should

Shared by Brian Solis

enterprisersproject.com - In this week's news roundup for IT pros, new research on digital transformation uncovers an opportunity for CIOs to step up to the plate. New research was debuted this week from Brian Solis, futuri...

Most Contagious 2016 Themes Announced – Contagious Communications

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contagious.com - On 7 December, 400 delegates from across the marketing industry will gather in London for Most Contagious 2016. Each year, Most Contagious examines the biggest themes and work of the year, and 2016...

This Is how you stop ignoring the employee voice

Shared by SmartBrief

smartbrief.com - At a young age, we all learn the difference between “hearing” and active listening. Just think back to when your mom would nag you about cleaning your room or your teacher would drone on about some...

Building the right organization for mergers and acquisitions

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mckinsey.com - Support for deal making should be organization-wide. The internal organization that manages a company’s M&A processes has always been a major contributor to the success of its deals. Today, as comp...

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'For the first time in five hundred years, emergent behaviour is running ahead of the so-called hegemony of understanding communications. Essentially, people are back to being at the centre of the solar system and a brand that doesn't understand this, and can't surround the individual in the centre with different platforms of activity, will lose traction and meaning' Richard Seymour. His sentiment captures the theme underpinning evolutionRevolution.
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