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Investor Cash Levels Jump Toward Levels Not Seen Since 9/11

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bloomberg.com - Fears of a bond-market crash, a breakdown in globalization, a new crisis in the euro area? There were a bevy of reasons for fund managers to push their cash balances to 5.8 percent of their portfol...

Lending Club zooms into car refinancings in turnaround effort

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techcrunch.com - Many Americans learned through Lending Club that they can refinance their credit card debt online; now, the lending marketplace Lending Club is hoping they’ll discover that it’s possible to refinan...

Twitter is looking to trim costs at the expense of its employees, but how many?

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mashable.com - Twitter is looking to trim costs. The company may soon cut 8 percent of its workforce, or about 300 people, Bloomberg reported Monday citing anonymous sources.  The news comes after Twitter failed ...

Tesco trials paperless receipts to your mobile app

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mashable.com - LONDON — Tesco is testing a paperless system which sends a record of your purchases to your smartphone - the first major U.K. retailer to experiment with digital receipt service.  SEE ALSO: Tesco p...

Delta creates a class higher than first class

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bloomberg.com - Last year, Delta Air Lines Inc. unveiled a unique experiment in upgrades. It gave its very frequent flyers a chance to book a seat most can only dream of—on a private jet. For a few hundred dollars...

Icelandic women walked out of work at 2:38 p.m. on a Monday for an important reason

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mashable.com - LONDON — For most of us, Oct. 24 is just any other day. But, for the women of Iceland, Oct. 24 represents the most important day in the nation's fight for gender equality.  SEE ALSO: Thousands of P...

Companies expect IP theft to rise in the next year, according to a new survey from Deloitte

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techcrunch.com - Intellectual property theft may not be discussed as much as data breaches that see customers’ credit card and other personally identifiable information stolen by hackers.But online theft of IP is a...

Root Insurance launches a new car insurance company

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techcrunch.com - Alexander Timm has been working in the insurance industry since he was fourteen. While that’s strange enough, what’s even weirder is that Timm really loves the work. He’s so enamored of the busines...

To be a top quartile SaaS grower, you need to focus on gross churn

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techcrunch.com - Ajay Agarwal is a managing director at Bain Capital Ventures, where he focuses on early-stage SaaS investing. SaaS entrepreneurs are bombarded with blog posts with an array of metrics and variables...

N26 announces a premium Black card with Allianz travel insurance

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techcrunch.com - What’s missing from N26? The company has been slowly but surely building a new bank account from the ground up. This time, the company is trying to recreate the insurance product that you typically...

Dataiku grabs $14 million for its collaborative data science platform

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techcrunch.com - French startup Dataiku has been profitable for the past three years. But the company wants to go further and is raising a $14 million Series A round led by FirstMark Capital with all existing inves...

AT&T will offer $35 subscription with 100 channels and includes mobile streaming

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techcrunch.com - AT&T announced it will offer 100 channels and mobile streaming for $35 per month when it launches DirectTV in November. This is a different position for AT&T, which said it wouldn’t be taking on ex...

Perkbox, an employee engagement platform, picks up up £2.5M backing from Draper Esprit

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techcrunch.com - Perkbox, a U.K. startup that offers an employee engagement platform to help companies retain employees (and customers), has picked up £2.5 million in backing from publicly-listed European VC Draper...

With founders out, Rocket-backed Nestpick reboots as apartment rentals aggregator

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techcrunch.com - Nestpick, the troubled Rocket Internet-backed startup that had ambitious plans to move the entire furnished apartment and room rental process online, is rebooting today under new management and wit...

Study estimates cost of last year’s internet shutdowns at $2.4 billion

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techcrunch.com - Whenever there’s a shutdown of internet access or restrictions placed on an app, we shake our heads disapprovingly because we know it’s a fundamentally bad idea to do that. But what exactly is the ...

Accela appears headed for exit with new CEO

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techcrunch.com - Accela, the nearly two decade old gov tech startup dreaming of finding new life as a problem solver for the sharing economy, brought in a new CEO to replace Maury Blackman who served as the company...

The Guarantors makes it easier to rent an apartment in New York

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techcrunch.com - If you’ve rented an apartment in New York before you know how much of a hassle the process is. First you need to find somewhere, then you need to meet the building or landlord’s strict approval pro...

Lyft picked up 17 million rides in October, up more than twice that amount from last year

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techcrunch.com - Lyft launched an aggressive marketing campaign in Spring that seems to be paying off. The rideshare company says it delivered 17 million rides this month (so far), more than 2.4x’s the amount the c...

Twitter’s sales team is taking a hit in big upcoming layoffs

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techcrunch.com - Well, now we know why Twitter decided to move its earnings report to before the market opens (when the West Coast will conveniently, largely be asleep). Bloomberg is reporting that the company may ...

OpenDataSoft raises $5.4M to turn data into APIs

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techcrunch.com - French startup OpenDataSoft just raised a $5.4 million Series A round (€5 million) to make it easier to manipulate huge sets of data. Aster Capital and Salesforce Ventures invested in today’s round...

IPO pro Lise Buyer on what you need to IPO in the next six months

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techcrunch.com - Last week, I sat down with IPO pro Lise Buyer to talk about the Bay Area ecosystem for a Sirius XM radio show that’s broadcast from Wharton’s San Francisco campus. Buyer was the host and I was the ...

101 businesses to start with less than $100 - Holy Kaw!

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holykaw.alltop.com - Do the terms “bootstrapping” and “angel investors” send you into a panic? The good news is, not every self-employment option requires raising immense capital. If you’re determined to be your own bo...

Mastercard users will soon be able to manage their accounts over Facebook Messenger

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techcrunch.com - Mastercard account holders will soon be able to check on their accounts, track their spending, review past purchases and more right in Facebook Messenger. That’s right – Mastercard is the latest co...

Leadership effectiveness (or its absence) starts at the top

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smartbrief.com - What is your leadership team’s “reason for being” today? Whether your organization is a small business, a global multinational, a division of a larger company, or anything in between, your leadersh...

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