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Brazil’s $26 Billion Eyewear Industry Moves Online With Lema21 And EÓtica Merger

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techcrunch.com - Editor’s note: Julie Ruvolo is a freelance writer and editor of RedLightR.io and RioChromatic.com.  The two largest venture-backed players tackling Brazil’s multibillion dollar eyewear industry hav...

A Food Bubble? Not So Fast

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techcrunch.com - Editor’s note: Ryan Caldbeck is CEO and co-founder of CircleUp.  Is there a “Food Bubble”? Robyn Metcalfe believes so. In her recent TechCrunch article she pointed to recent fundraises by Instacart...

Why Whole Foods' play for millennials is misguided segmentation

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marketingmagazine.co.uk - As Whole Foods made its announcement, stock prices suffered and headlines were largely negative as analysts and industry insiders debated whether this approach would effectively hit home with the i...

Wonga rebrands as 'transparent and responsible' lender after hiring Fold7

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campaignlive.co.uk - Wonga’s new ad campaign, called "credit for the real world", will run on television, radio, print and online. It has been developed to present "typical" Wonga customers who need a responsible sourc...

Common mistakes leaders make during periods of fast growth | @YEC

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smartblogs.com - The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program...

What The U.S. Can Learn About Financial Inclusion From The Developing World

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techcrunch.com - Editor’s note: Matt Homer leads the Digital Finance team’s Policy and Partnerships work and USAID‘s financial inclusion investments in India. He was previously a member of the FDIC\’s policy staff ...

The Bitcoin Blocksize Blackjack Mining Blues

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techcrunch.com - Bitcoin: it’s at a crucially important crossroads; it’s approaching a crisis that threatens its very existence; it has never been more likely to erupt into enormous global importance. Which? Don’t ...

David Connor

David Connor is CEO of eightytwenty, Ireland's Digital Creative Agency of the Year and a regular presenter on the digital and communications industry.

Editor's note

'For the first time in five hundred years, emergent behaviour is running ahead of the so-called hegemony of understanding communications. Essentially, people are back to being at the centre of the solar system and a brand that doesn't understand this, and can't surround the individual in the centre with different platforms of activity, will lose traction and meaning' Richard Seymour. His sentiment captures the theme underpinning evolutionRevolution.
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