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Legacy Republic Acquires Yarly To Build Up Its Workforce For Digitizing Family Photos

Shared by TechCrunch

techcrunch.com - Legacy Republic, which is building a freelance workforce to help families digitize their photos and videos, just acquired competitor Yarly. Digitization company YesVideo launched its Legacy Republi...

Little, A Hyperlocal Deals Service For India, Launches With $50M In Funding

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techcrunch.com - A collection of India’s top entrepreneurs are pooling their resources to a launch a new marketplace that connects consumers with physical retailers via their smartphone. Called Little, the project ...

Can digital transformation help humanize businesses?

Shared by Brian Solis

networkingexchangeblog.att.com - Digital transformation is one of the most important movements in the history of business. It is forcing companies to adapt to new markets and to re-examine business philosophies and practices. What...

How stressed are you?

Shared by BrandRepublic

brandrepublic.com - Let's put it another way: Can you save the world with $3 billion? That's the brand's advertising budget for one year. Independent environmental group Good Things has launched the Buy The World A Ho...

Breakfast Briefing: P&G's new CEO, Nike's 'inaccurate' Nike+ FuelBand, Elon Musk on AI

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marketingmagazine.co.uk - Procter & Gamble has chosen veteran insider David Taylor to head up the organisation, replacing A.G. Lafley. Taylor, currently group president of global beauty, grooming and healthcare, will take u...

Opinion / Brand Before Big Idea – Contagious Communications

Shared by Contagious

contagious.com - Opinion / Brand Before Big Idea Even the greatest advertising in the world won’t be as powerful as the right proposition. Millward Brown's head of research management, Peter Walshe explains how bra...

Twitter 'Not Satisfied' With Slow User Growth

Shared by FWA

news.sky.com - Twitter shares finished the day up 5.3% after the company announced revenues above expectations - but the service is still struggling to add users. Its second quarter revenue was $502m (£321m), abo...

Lidl TV adspend accelerates 400% as Tesco and Morrisons tumble

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marketingmagazine.co.uk - The discounter, which has been shedding its Germanic image with campaigns focusing on quality and 'affordable luxury', spent £26.4m on TV advertising between 4 January and the end of June, exclusiv...

Web-hosting service GoDaddy opens up shop in Australia

Shared by Mashable

mashable.com - GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest web hosting companies and domain name registrars, launched formally in Australia on Wednesday. Although it has had a localised online offering since 2012, the co...

Lending Platform China Rapid Finance Raises $35M Series C At A $1B Valuation

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techcrunch.com - China Rapid Finance, which claims to be the country’s largest online consumer lending marketplace, has closed a $35 million Series C led by Broadline Capital. The round pegs the company’s pre-money...

Why performance appraisals fail: A root-cause analysis and alternative | SmartBlogs

Shared by SmartBrief

smartblogs.com - As an HR professional, I know the value of the performance appraisal. However, I also know that, if done poorly, they can have the opposite effect on an organization. Performance appraisals have ty...

David Politis of BetterCloud: Start by Working Beyond Your Résumé

Shared by SmartBrief

nytimes.com - This interview with David Politis, chief executive of BetterCloud, a maker of cloud-based software, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant. A. My first real leadership experience was with taekw...

Golden Gate Ventures Unwraps $50M Fund For Southeast Asia

Shared by TechCrunch

techcrunch.com - Founders, assemble! There’s a new fund from a familiar face in Southeast Asia. Singapore-based Golden Gate Ventures just announced its second, $50 million fund to support startups in the region and...

Oregon to start selling recreational marijuana in October

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mashable.com - Although recreational marijuana is legal to cultivate, possess and consume in private, residents and visitors of the state of Oregon still can't buy it — until October. A law signed by Gov. Kate Br...

Twitter Pops 4% After Reporting Better-Than-Expected Q2 Revenue And Profit Along With Anemic User Growth

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techcrunch.com - Update: Twitter shares fell to flat in after-hours trading, before rebounding mildly to a slimmer gain. Investors are still trying to figure out how to score the quarter, it seems.  Twitter earned ...

Twitter wonders why new users don't like it

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mashable.com - Twitter can alienate its biggest fans, as even would-be CEO candidate Snoop Dogg. While listening to Twitter's conference call with investors, Snoop had a trenchant critique. .@jack Im calling in n...

$10 Million For UpCounsel Means Small Businesses Can Hire BigLaw Attorneys

Shared by TechCrunch

techcrunch.com - UpCounsel, a marketplace for legal services, has pulled in $10 million in new funding to provide small businesses with attorneys at a fraction of the cost of a big law firm. Menlo Ventures led the ...

Greek finance minister asked hackers to break into its tax database

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mashable.com - Greece's former finance minister is a leather-jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding rebel — and now he's proven it, by admitting that he used "unorthodox" methods to get into the country's tax database...

Twitter revenue grows, but no one's signing up any more

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mashable.com - Twitter had a surprisingly good quarter, but it's not enough for Jack Dorsey, the company's new CEO. Dorsey, who appeared in a webcast and on a livestream on Twitter's video-streaming app Periscope...

Twitter's bearded new CEO will make his public debut today

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mashable.com - Nine years after cofounding Twitter, Jack Dorsey is finally getting his first, and perhaps only, moment speaking for the company to Wall Street. Twitter will report June quarter results after the m...

eBay kills speedy delivery service

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mashable.com - eBay is adjusting to its recent divorce with a pair of shears in hand. The online marketplace announced it was ditching its same-day local delivery service along with several of its outlying apps o...

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