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Brexit will not affect 'Game of Thrones' production

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mashable.com - The United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union may be destabilizing the markets, devaluing the pound and giving many people general apocalyptic feelings, but there's at least one thing t...

People are upset that Bill Gates mistook Thailand's exposed phone cables for 'power stealing'

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mashable.com - Over the weekend, Bill Gates posted a picture of tangled cables hanging from a power pole in Thailand — a common sight in many cities across the country — singling it out as an example of people il...

Singapore Airlines plane makes emergency landing, just before right engine bursts into flames

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mashable.com - SINGAPORE — A Singapore Airlines plane bound for Milan caught fire on the runway on Monday morning, shortly after returning to Singapore to make an emergency landing. Flight SQ368 left at about 2.2...

Why a Palantir IPO might not be far off

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techcrunch.com - Earlier this week, BuzzFeed got its hands on a stock purchase offer arranged by Palantir for its employees, one that asked current and former employees to agree to a host of stipulations. Among the...

OK, Europe: It’s your move

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techcrunch.com - I held the first Warsaw TechCrunch Meetup in 2007 at a pub called Lolek. We were visiting my wife’s parents and I figured I would post on the site and get a few people together to see the first iPh...

The opportunities Silicon Valley doesn’t see

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techcrunch.com - Sebastiaan Vaessen is head of strategy at Naspers Group. Silicon Valley is justifiably seen as the geographical center of digital innovation. From Google and Facebook to Uber and Netflix, the Valle...

As Twilio’s largest shareholder, Bessemer Venture Partners prepares for the ride

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techcrunch.com - Byron Deeter is likely waking up this morning and wondering what kind of day he’ll have. It was Deeter who led Bessemer Venture Partners into its seed-stage investment in Twilio, a now nine-year-ol...

Report: Netflix is no longer Australia's fastest growing streaming service

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mashable.com - In news surprising no one, Australians are really, really into streaming. By the end of June, Australia is expected to have 2.7 million active subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, S...

Brexit creates a new vocabulary for startups in Europe

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techcrunch.com - Adeo Ressi is the chief executive of the Adeo Ressi Founder Institute. The “United” Kingdom just punched the European startup scene in the face and we’ll see if Europe can recover. The problems tha...

TrendWatching Blog | Snapshots from the global trend community

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trendwatching.com - In an extended edition of our Featured Innovators series, we caught up with Marc Atiyeh, Head of Growth at Paribus - an automated plugin which connects to users’ email, scans their online purchase ...

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David Connor is CEO of eightytwenty, Ireland's Digital Creative Agency of the Year and a regular presenter on the digital and communications industry.

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'For the first time in five hundred years, emergent behaviour is running ahead of the so-called hegemony of understanding communications. Essentially, people are back to being at the centre of the solar system and a brand that doesn't understand this, and can't surround the individual in the centre with different platforms of activity, will lose traction and meaning' Richard Seymour. His sentiment captures the theme underpinning evolutionRevolution.
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