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What You Need to Know About the Tech Pay Gap and Job Posts

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techcrunch.com - Tim Cannon is the vice president of product management at HealthITJobs.com, a free job search resource that provides health IT professionals access to more than 1,000 industry health IT jobs at hom...

All the best protest signs from Women's Marches across America

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mashable.com - Hundreds of thousands of protestors showed up Saturday to demonstrate at Women's Marches across the country. And, naturally, they brought their best sign game with them. SEE ALSO: CEO offers to fun...

How to get involved with the Women's March on Washington if you're not in D.C.

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mashable.com - The Women's March on Washington is set to be one of the largest acts of protest and solidarity the U.S. has seen in years — potentially decades — with up to 400,000 protesters expected to attend. A...

Here's why you'll be seeing pink 'pussyhats' during the Women's March on Washington

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mashable.com - When packing for the Women's March on Washington, don't forget your knitting needles and bright pink yarn. They are, after all, unexpected essentials. An innovative form of "craftivism" is going vi...

Thousands gather at the Women's March on Washington

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mashable.com - With attendance projections now around 500,000, people are gathering in swaths for the Women's March on Washington. According to the Washington Post, packed Metro stations and hour long waits to bo...

David Connor

David Connor is CEO of eightytwenty, Ireland's Digital Creative Agency of the Year and a regular presenter on the digital and communications industry.

Editor's note

'For the first time in five hundred years, emergent behaviour is running ahead of the so-called hegemony of understanding communications. Essentially, people are back to being at the centre of the solar system and a brand that doesn't understand this, and can't surround the individual in the centre with different platforms of activity, will lose traction and meaning' Richard Seymour. His sentiment captures the theme underpinning evolutionRevolution.
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