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PayPal now lets you send and receive money through URLs

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mashable.com - Paying people through PayPal just got a bit easier. The company rolled out another person-to person-payments service Tuesday: PayPal.Me, a barebones payments app that uses a URL to allow people to ...

At the New York Daily News’s Innovation Lab, inspiration comes from outside startups and events

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niemanlab.org - The New York Daily News doesn’t have the resources of national news organizations, and it’s experienced particular upheaval in recent months as the paper’s publisher, Mort Zuckerman, floated (and t...

Meet Iggy Rodriguez, 2015 winner of the Contagious Brand Innovation Sc – Contagious Communications

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contagious.com - Each year, Contagious partners with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to offer one MBA student €20,000 towards the pursuit of their degree. This year's winner, Iggy Rodriguez, is a creative ...

Annie Leibovitz and Nobel laureates feature in £multimillion UBS rebrand

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marketingmagazine.co.uk - Leibovitz  who is perhaps most famous for her portrait of John Lennon coiled naked next to his wife just hours before his death, is collaborating with the bank as it launches a "significant", £mult...

ICYMI - August 19 | SmartBlogs

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smartblogs.com - A collection of stories from SmartBrief publications and around the web… Did the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing do any good?: Stephen D. Williamson says no. The vice president of the St. Lou...

How to gain the trust and aid of your board | @ImpactfulCoach

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smartblogs.com - By Naphtali Hoff on August 18th, 2015 | Comment on this post At the end of my first year as school leader, I met up for breakfast with someone who was very instrumental in developing school leaders...

ASA gives Morrisons a slap on the wrist for Match & More ad featuring Ant and Dec

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marketingmagazine.co.uk - Discounter rival Aldi, which launched the complaint that led to a 10 month investigation, welcomed the move as a victory. However the complaint, which spanned five specific points, was only upheld ...

3 tips for doing good with your business | SmartBlogs

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smartblogs.com - Many entrepreneurs want to improve the world around them while expanding their companies. Having a social mission can be one of the most rewarding aspects of starting an e-commerce business, but it...

Coke Zero Wants College Football Fans to 'Drink' Its Ads

adage.com - Since launching 10 years ago, Coke Zero has performed on some of the biggest stages in advertising, including the Super Bowl and March Madness. But the no-calorie soda, which became a $1 billion gl...


mathieson.typepad.com - It’s the biggest buzzword in marketing today—but also the most over-hyped. Indeed, for all the promise of “content marketing,” it’s not as easy as it seems. In a recent poll, a full 43% of B2B mark...

Q&A: Paradigm CEO Joelle Emerson, on making workforces more diverse

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mercurynews.com - PALO ALTO -- By the time a sexual harrassment or discrimination case reached her desk, lawyer Joelle Emerson was frustrated that so much had already gone wrong. "I started seeing these patterns eme...

Has the discounters' use of loyalty mechanics really come as a #LidlSurprise?

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marketingmagazine.co.uk - It wasn’t long ago that commentators were sounding a death knell for the loyalty card: the discounters had shaken up the UK grocery market, customers had fallen in love with the everyday low price ...

The Real Unicorns Are Female Angel Investors

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techcrunch.com - Kristi Zuhlke is the co-founder and CEO of KnowledgeHound, a search engine and knowledge management solution for proprietary market research. Despite the attention over the past year, the lack of d...

Harry Styles told fans not to go to SeaWorld, and they listened

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mashable.com - Seaworld is hurting — and it's partially Harry Styles' fault. Analysts at Credit Suisse says that the much-maligned animal theme park's brand is in trouble — and part of the turmoil can be attribut...

Hillary Clinton's attack on Wall Street doesn't include her advisers, presumably

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mashable.com - Hillary Clinton is speaking out against the "revolving door" between Wall Street and government— but neglects to mention that some of her closest confidantes have ties to big banks. In an op-ed co-...

The Best Times To Get A Grip On Your Startup’s IP

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techcrunch.com - Gary Schall is partner at WilmerHale and represents entrepreneurs, emerging companies and venture capital funds. John Hobgood is an IP partner at WilmerHale whose practice is built on patent prosec...

Chinese journalist makes on-air 'confession' for stock market chaos

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mashable.com - A Chinese financial journalist "confessed" on state TV on Sunday to an allegation that he caused a fall in stock prices due a controversial story published at a "sensitive time." See also: China ju...

The wrath of Harry Styles has devastated SeaWorld's reputation

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mashable.com - Seaworld is hurting — and it's partially Harry Styles' fault. Analysts at Credit Suisse says that the much-maligned animal theme park's brand is in trouble — and part of the turmoil can be attribut...

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'For the first time in five hundred years, emergent behaviour is running ahead of the so-called hegemony of understanding communications. Essentially, people are back to being at the centre of the solar system and a brand that doesn't understand this, and can't surround the individual in the centre with different platforms of activity, will lose traction and meaning' Richard Seymour. His sentiment captures the theme underpinning evolutionRevolution.
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