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Rustica / #Vintage #Voguet Vogueteam Treasury by Lynne on Etsy

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Denise Dent - Turquoise and russet are great colors for Fall gifts. Featuring the Shop of the Week "PandPF" (Pumpkins and Peacock Feathers)

VogueTeam Thursday What's New? #vogueteam by boxerlovinglady on Etsy

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Michelle Nathan - Here at Vogue Team we are keeping busy this Thursday, aren't we? ;) Thank you for including my ABCO Victorian children figurines! This is a wonderful collection of fab finds! Thanks so much for inc...

25 Eye-Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs

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Starbucks Girl - Nail art has developed to a great extent off late and has become a fancy art form with people taking great pains to include as many details of artwork as possible into tiny nails. The nail art show...

Pittsburgh Steelers wall art by MetalArtDesignz on Etsy

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Kong Filippi - Full! You don't have any treasuries yet. Enter a title below to create one. You must select an existing treasury or provide a name for your new treasury. Close This item has been added. View your t...

How World War I gave birth to the modern (Opinion) -

Shared by - Editor's note: This is the ninth in a series on the legacies of World War I appearing on in the weeks leading up to the 100-year anniversary of the war's outbreak. Ruth Ben-Ghiat is...

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