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22 Top Crochet Patterns for the Kitchen and Bathroom

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CrochetConcupiscence - Once you’ve filled up your bedroom and living room with crochet lamps, crochet blankets, crochet rugs and all of those other great things then you can move on to filling up the other rooms in the h...

2013 in Crochet

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CrochetConcupiscence - Here are links to all of the posts covered in 2013, including crochet art, crochet news, crochet fashion, crochet health, crochet patterns, crochet inspiration and more. At the end of each month in...

2011 Crochet

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CrochetConcupiscence - Crochet Concupiscence was launched in January 2011. Here is a roundup of links to most of the 2011 crochet blog posts: Works of Sarah Applebaum, Leslie Blackmon, Olek, Xenobia Bailey Works by Barba...

Masquerade: Knit and Crocheted Masks

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Jennifer Hansen - Who do you want to be? This collection of classic little knit and crochet masks are great uses of leftover yarn, and perfect for those times when you want to go incognito or need a last minute cost...

Baby Tunisian ... by GillBux

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Kim Guzman - This pattern describes in full (no abbreviations) how to work the Tunisian crocheted mitred squares. Worked one square at a time, joining the them by picking up the stitches from other squares. Use...

Jocelyn Sass

Crochet pattern designer specializing in cute, quick and easy designs. Love all things handmade, especially crochet. Find great quick, trendy and fun crochet patterns here:

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Crochet Spot

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Rachel Choi - Store Home About Pattern Membership Back To Crochet Spot Login or Create an Account to Shop Welcome! Please start by creating a new account or by signing into an existing account to start shopping....

Join the Moroccan Market Bag Crochet-Along!

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Kim Guzman - If you’re not participating in the Moroccan Market Bag Crochet-Along, you may want to jump over to the Facebook group HERE. This crochet-along ends on November 15 so there’s still plenty of time to...

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7 Things your customers need to hear you say, winning customer service

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Sedruola - As a crochet business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur there are certain things you need to do better than most and having exceptional customer service is one. I still get surprised when I see bu...

Box, Facebook, Pinterest launch 'WEST' mentorship program for women in tech

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Kathy Cano-Murillo - Box, Facebook and Pinterest have banded together to launch a new pilot mentorship program dubbed WEST: Women Entering and Saying in Technology. Women execs have self-doubt, choose to 'lean back' Un...

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Free Astrology Horoscope of the Day

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Laurie Wheeler - Monday, October 20, 2014 - Your current desire to keep everything on track enables you to be quite productive today. You expect others to do their part and you don't want any surprises to distract ...

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