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Clutch Purse in 10 Minutes

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Debra Quartermain - Step out in style this Easter with a simple, quick, and affordable clutch purse! In 10 minutes you can create this clutch to use as a purse, a makeup bag, or to hold pens and pencils. Here’s how to...

WIWT: Gloomy Donuts & Happy Candy

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Twinkie Chan - I know this is the same outfit I was wearing in my previous post, but I just wanted to highlight the outfit, because, I kinda like it a lot! The dress is from the Target Girls section, and I can ba...

#Crochet Pattern: Soft Serve Scarf - for sale through @crochetspot

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CrochetConcupiscence - #Crochet Pattern: Soft Serve Scarf - for sale through @crochetspot #Crochet Pattern: Soft Serve Scarf - for sale through @crochetspot "Add that splash of color to any outfit with a two-toned scarf....

New Item in My Shop: Kitty Donut Hair Clips!

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Twinkie Chan - You can now buy vanilla or chocolate Kitty Donut Hair Clips in my Etsy shop! Each one has a slightly different personality, but they are all super sweet and cute! I was afraid they would look weird...

Jocelyn Sass

Crochet pattern designer specializing in cute, quick and easy designs. Love all things handmade, especially crochet. Find great quick, trendy and fun crochet patterns here:

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The World of A.J. Cosmo - Free Exclusive

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Kim Guzman - Note: Download the book to your PC or Mac. After download, you will be given instructions for loading the book onto your Kindle.

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