Sam Coffman on Herbal Medicines

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The Survival Podcast - Today we are joined by former special forces solider and wilderness survival trainer Sam Coffman of to discuss survival training, permaculture, rebuilding after collapse and more. ...

Hospitals Seizing Babies Who Aren’t Vaccinated?

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Off The Grid News - It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You take your child to the hospital, disagree with the doctor’s diagnosis, and Child Protective Services moves in to seize your kid. Or perhaps even worse, you ...

23 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

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Off The Grid News - When I was a new mother, I remember an older, more experienced mom advising me to get a freezer. She assured me I would need one now that my husband and I had started our family. At the time, I had...

Fresh off the Press: The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide

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Off Grid Survival - Filed under News, Prepper Watch, Survival, Survival Gear   October 23, 2014 Posted by: Robert Richardson Just received my copies of the New Book; The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Relia...

Gun Grabbers Are In Denial Over The Latest Concealed Carry-Crime Data

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Off The Grid News - The Chicago crime rate has finally shown some signs of decreasing – and a debate has broken out over the reasons behind the drop. City officials credit better police work with the drop in violent c...

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