7 (More) Simple Tips For Spotting And Treating Common Chicken Illnesses

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Off The Grid News - Many chicken owners have resorted to self-diagnosing and treating their chickens due to the lack of affordable experienced chicken and bird veterinarians. Bird veterinarians usually see pets, where...

New Raid on Nevada Ranch could be Coming Very Soon: Senator Harry Reid Threatens Rancher ‘it’s not over’

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Off Grid Survival - Filed under News, Police State   April 14, 2014 Posted by: Rob Richardson Senator Harry Reid, who has been implicated in using the BLM to steal a Nevada Rancher’s land for his friends at a Chinese ...

Prolong Produce: Dehydrate Bell Peppers

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The Survival Mom® - on April 14, 2014 By Donna Miller In Dehydrating, Real Food on a Real Budget Leave a comment Maybe it’s not quite time for those special summer treats to come out of the garden, but it’s never too ...

Pantry Shelves

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The Survival Mom® - When it comes to being prepared in the case of a disaster, storage space plays a key role. We have always been aware of our limited storage space, but when we began disaster prepping this limitatio...

Can Your Own Pinto Beans - DIY - Ever Growing Farm

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The Survival Mom® - Growing up, I never even though about canning my own pinto beans.  Every bean I ate, unless I was at a restaurant or a friends house, came from a can.  They were good.  They were fast and easy.  Op...

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Prevent the Spread of Norovirus

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Zombie Squad - Protect yourself from norovirus. Wash your hands often. Cook shellfish to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. When you are sick, don't prepare food or care for others. Rinse fruits and vegetables tho...

PEF (Pulse Electric Field) Sterilization

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American Preppers - Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) is a modern method to disinfect liquid food (such as dairy products, juices, eggs, soups, sauces, dressings, wine, jams and other edible viscous liquids). PEF effectivel...

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