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Alcohol’s Surprising Influence on Memory Loss in Later Years — PsyBlog

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Jeremy Dean - How light to moderate alcohol intake affects memory for past events. For people over 60, light or moderate alcohol intake is associated with better recall of past events, according to a new study. ...

Six Steps To Become A Digital Business

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Forrester Research - Business leaders don’t think of digital as central to their business because in the past, it hasn’t been. But now your customers, your products, your business operations, and your competitors are f...

Concerns for the Female Athlete by Dominique Stasulli - Athletic Lab

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Mike Young, PhD - [Dominique Stasulli is an Athletic Development Intern at Athletic Lab] Female athletes are notoriously susceptible to more exercise-induced health consequences in relation to their male counterpart...

Microsoft and Dell Change the Private/Hybrid Cloud Game with On-Premise Azure

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Forrester Research - On October 20 at TechEd, Microsoft quietly slipped in what looks like a potential game-changing announcement in the private/hybrid cloud world when they rolled out Microsoft Cloud Platform System (...

Listen Up Leaders: We Are All Millennials - Forbes

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Rob Hudson - A lot of digital ink has been spilled regarding Millennials and how they are reshaping and reordering the workplace.  I’m happy to report that ink has not been wasted.  The influx of Millennials in...

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