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BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Lynda Bellingham: The moment I was told I had cancer

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Cary Cooper - Actress Lynda Bellingham has spoken about the moment she was told she had cancer. The 66-year-old star was diagnosed with colon cancer, which has since spread to her lungs and liver, in July 2013. ...

What is Talent – A Growth Mindset Approach (1/2) - The Sport In Mind – Sport Psychology

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TheSportInMind - The nature versus nurture debate is still ongoing concerning athletic expertise. As I have written before I believe athletes are made rather than born (


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Jane Bytheway - OperationSAFE helps children recover from trauma through art, play, story and friendship in places where care is not readily available. We need your help to raise awareness. Your donated tweet help...

How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson: The Business of Winning and Managing Success: Damian Hughes: Books

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Damian Hughes - ‘How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson is an insightful and interesting book packed with leadership ideas and real life examples taken from the cutting edge of sport that apply in leading any top tea...

Storm: Tim Minchin: Books

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Richard Wiseman - A storm is brewing in the confines of a London dinner party. Small talk quickly descends into a verbal and intellectual battle between science and belief, as comedian Tim goes head to head with the...

Michael Schofield

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How to Feel Happy Just By Walking Differently — PsyBlog

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Jeremy Dean - Our mood clearly affects how we walk, but how does our walking style affect our mood? It’s well-known that when we’re in a good mood, our style of walking tends to reflect how we feel: we bounce al...

Hickory's set for new sites after £6m deal

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Insider - Hickory's, which has sites in Chester, West Kirby and Rhos-on-Sea, was founded in 2010 by Neil McDonnell. It now plans open a further ten restaurants in the next three to five years, a number of wh...

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