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10 jobs robots already do better than you - MarketWatch

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Tom Peters - Hop on board Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas ship and, starting this week, your fruity cocktail may be served by none other than a dancing robot; the cruise line has added two of these strang...

Sports Psychology – Imagery in Sport - Sports Psychology – The Sport In Mind

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TheSportInMind - So how does imagery actually lead to such performance benefits? In 2001, Holmes and Collins proposed a model of imagery that highlights the link between physical and imagined movements. The model i...

10 Steps for Getting Over Humiliation

Shared by - One of the fascinating aspects of reading about Sternberg’s crises is remembering that he is a professional who, in many ways, has been amazingly successful. Want to think about intelligence in a m...

10 Ways to Grow into Challenges

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Dan Rockwell - You’re never fully up to real challenges. If you feel prepared for the challenge, it’s really just business as usual. Success requires humility, preparation, connection, and growth. Leadership grow...

5 Reasons NOT to link your Facebook feed to Twitter - Nicky Kriel | Social Media Trainer & Consultant

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Nicky Kriel - Today I was asked by a Twitter Newbie how to link her Facebook to Twitter and my answer was – “Please don’t do it. Just because technology allows you to do things doesn’t mean you should”.   Automa...

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