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Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill - Dignity in Dying

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Dignity in Dying - Dignity in Dying advocates a change in the law on assisted dying. We believe that, subject to strict upfront safeguards, the law should  allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults to request l...

CJ Werleman’s Biggest Fan: ‘@Women4Atheism’

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Richard Dawkins - And then he attempted to slander Harris with completely false accusations, taking things to a whole other level. I hope anyone reading this blog takes the time to carefully go through it all and cl...

Has Ukip sold its soul for €2million? - Archbishop Cranmer

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Archbishop Cranmer - There is apparently a battle currently being waged for the soul of the Conservative Party, at least according to the Jerusalem Post: “..the natural home of British Jews, still quietly but firmly Zi...

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Statements

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United Nations - The Secretary-General welcomes the growing number of financial and in-kind commitments many countries are making to the global Ebola response.  Ebola is a major global problem that demands a massiv...

The latest from the DfE - Information - TES

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DfE - The average English teacher works nearly 50 hours a week, compared with an OECD average of 38 hours a week. But too much of that time is taken up with unnecessary paperwork and unproductive tasks. ...

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