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When to Sell with Facts and Figures, and When to Appeal to Emotions - HBR

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Harvard Biz Review - When should salespeople sell with facts and figures, and when should we try to speak to the buyer’s emotional subconscious, instead? When do you talk to Mr. Intuitive, and when to Mr. Rational? I’d...

Why the Keystone Pipeline Is the Wrong U.S. Energy Debate - HBR

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Harvard Biz Review - The Keystone XL — a proposed addition to a network of pipelines running from the Canadian oil sands to refineries in Texas — has become the political football of the moment. It was the first issue ...

16 Things | Andreessen Horowitz

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Harvard Biz Review - We don’t invest in themes; we invest in special founders with breakthrough ideas. Which means we don’t make investments based on a pre-existing thesis about a category. That said, here are a few of...

The Shake Shack Economy - The New Yorker

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Harvard Biz Review - In 2004, when Danny Meyer opened a burger stand named Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, it didn’t look like the foundation of a global empire. There was just one location, and Meyer was known for...

A Country Is Not a Company - HBR

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Harvard Biz Review - College students who plan to go into business often major in economics, but few believe that they will end up using what they hear in the lecture hall. Those students understand a fundamental truth...

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Vesti o ’besplatnim akcijama’ NIIS i AERO zastupljenim u vodećim indeksima BELEX15 i BELEXline na Beogradskoj berzi: News about NIIS&AERO, ’free Shares’, members of BELEX15&BELEXline–leading indexes of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE):

Dan Loeb friends with Chris Kyle, but didn't invest in 'American Sniper' - Business Insider

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Business Insider - Not that billionaire Dan Loeb needs the money, but the hedge fund titan could be a bit richer today had he invested in the Clint Eastwood-directed "American Sniper" when given the chance. Loeb was ...

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