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BlackBerry ending year on sour note - Dec. 19, 2014

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Besplatne Akcije - The Canadian smartphone maker (and Kim Kardashian's favorite tech company) reported a small quarterly profit Friday morning, excluding certain one-time charges. Analysts had been expecting a loss. ...

China Adds the Equivalent of Malaysia's Economy to its Output - Businessweek

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Besplatne Akcije - China’s economy officially just got bigger. More important, it also became more balanced, a longtime priority of Chinese leaders and good news for the world. China’s GDP revision, announced by the ...

The most bizarre business stories of 2014

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Besplatne Akcije - This year saw its fair share of strange business stories. From bicycle seats on airplanes to junior miners pledging to become medical marijuana businesses to a Canadian coal mine selling for a meas...

Oaktree’s Howard Marks: Lessons of the Big Oil Drop

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Besplatne Akcije - I want to provide a memo on this topic before I – and hopefully many of my readers – head out for year-end holidays. I’ll be writing not with regard to the right price for oil – about which I certa...

The Authenticity Paradox - HBR

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Harvard Biz Review - Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But as INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra argues, a simplistic understanding of what authenticity means can limit leaders’ growth and impact....

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Vesti o ’besplatnim akcijama’ NIIS i AERO zastupljenim u vodećim indeksima BELEX15 i BELEXline na Beogradskoj berzi: News about NIIS&AERO, ’free Shares’, members of BELEX15&BELEXline–leading indexes of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE):

Russian crisis kills big German gas deal - Dec. 19, 2014

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CNNMoney - BASF (BASFY) said it had dropped plans to hand full control of its gas storage and trading business to Russia's Gazprom (GZPFY) in exchange for stakes in two Siberian gas fields. State-controlled G...

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