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See Just How Much Google Knows About You - DailyFinance

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Besplatne Akcije - Everyone on a computer should know, in theory at least, that large technology corporations track what they do and keep a record. There are few things quite so sobering on the privacy front as to co...

- - - Stockerblog - The Stock Market Blog: Tim Geithner Speaking at the Museum of American Finance

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Besplatne Akcije - If you have never been to the Museum of American Finance at 48 Wall Street in New York City, you should check it out. In addition to having a lot of historical artifacts on display relating to Wall...

Europe's Economy Is Going Nowhere - Business Insider

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Besplatne Akcije - FRANKFURT (Reuters) - As large parts of Europe's economy grind almost to a halt, attention will focus this week on the latest assessments of business confidence in the euro zone and Germany, which ...

Things To Do Now To Spend Less Money - Business Insider

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Besplatne Akcije - When it comes to putting more money in your pocket, there are two ways to do it: earn more or spend less. Even if you aren't in a position to earn more at the moment, a few little spending adjustme...

Health Care Needs Less Innovation and More Imitation

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Harvard Biz Review - Health care is infatuated with innovation. We’re awash in innovation conferences, organizations proclaiming innovation as a core value, newly minted Chief Innovation Officers, prizes for best innov...

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Vesti o ’besplatnim akcijama’ NIIS i AERO zastupljenim u vodećim indeksima BELEX15 i BELEXline na Beogradskoj berzi: News about NIIS&AERO, ’free Shares’, members of BELEX15&BELEXline–leading indexes of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE):

How To Pronounce 'Krugman' - Business Insider

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Business Insider - One of the lesser economic debates that has raged in recent years has not been about inequality, GDP, wages, austerity, or inflation. Specifically, it has been about how to pronounce the name of th...

Somebody Spotted A Rare Gray Wolf At The Grand Canyon For The First Time In Decades - Business Insider

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App takes guessing out of wine buying - Nov. 20, 2014

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CNNMoney - Making a selection at a wine store is a daunting task that usually comes down to just two decisions: red or white and what price you're willing to pay. Then you just choose the wine with the pretti...

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