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Destroy Cultural Marxism: What is Cultural Marxism?

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ken - What is Cultural Marxism? Cultural Marxism has been dubbed "the greatest cancer in the Western world" but few even know what it is. Definition of Cultural Marxism*: Cultural Marxism: An offshoot of...

Mészáros and the Critique of the Capital System | John Bellamy Foster

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MRZine - István Mészáros is one of the greatest philosophers that the historical materialist tradition has yet produced. His work stands practically alone today in the depth of its analysis of Marx’s theory...

What Is a “Mass Paper”

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Bolshevik Tendency - Then came the expulsions at Lille. I, for my part, regarded them as an act of liberation, because they expressed the reality: the impossibility of fruitful future activity in the ranks of the SFIO,...

Commodity fetishism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Ducky Digital - In Karl Marx's critique of the political economy of capitalism, commodity fetishism is the perception of the social relationships involved in production, not as relationships among people, but as e...

How do you find hope (update)? : socialism

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ReddBot - If you're new to socialism, please check out our suggested readings. Welcome to /r/socialism, a subreddit for those who consider themselves socialists and/or wish to engage in constructive, civil d...

Ammar Aziz

filmmaker / left-wing activist / ethnographic documentarian / teacher / installation artist. Not necessarily in the same order.

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The struggle for Marxism-Leninism will lead to a classless world, celebrating the complete and real freedom of humanity. Let's continue the struggle for roses and bread for everyone and raise the scarlet high! 

Castro to Pocket 92% of Worker Salaries from Foreign Companies - Breitbart

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Chris Matthews' Leg - In an official announcement in state newspaper Granma, government officials announced a system in which employees who work for corporations with foreign capital will be paid two Cuban Pesos for eve...

NY AG: Wal-Mart Must End Online Toy Gun Sales - Breitbart

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nonsumdignus - Schneiderman’s office also alleges that one K-Mart sold toy guns at their Rochester, NY, store location. According to CNBC, Schneiderman’s office said the toy guns were illegal because they were “v...

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