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We are all Communist now

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pearly2004 - We are all communist now.  The transformation from a “Republic” to a “People’s Republic” did not happen overnight, but over the last six years it has been pedal to the metal for those in charge.  T...

Si Podemos quiere ganara las elecciones : podemos

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ReddBot - Quede claro que esto no es más que una opinión personal, para quien quiera considerarla y/o debatirla. Si Podemos quiere ganar realmemte las elecciones, sus líderes tienen que explicar muy clarito ...

I am a Marxist: Ask me anything : Anarcho_Capitalism

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ReddBot - I'm bored and have the day off. Considering the misconceptions that fly around these boards constantly I figured I'd answer some questions and clarify some misconceptions if need be. If you have tr...

Poorly worded school assignment further demonstrates the Cultural Marxisma at work; Rcon deconstructs and analyzes the situation. Conclusion: "that fucking sucks" [+38] : ShitRConservativeSays

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ReddBot - Please note: SRCS is NOT a liberal circlejerk. We're here to mock what passes off as conservatism in r/conservative specifically, not conservatives in general. We have the rest of reddit for that. ...

Cultural marxism wikipedia article, rewriting history? : badphilosophy

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ReddBot - Abstract: Dude.... isn't life, like, pretty weird? and, like, and shit? I mean, like, everything IS. ISn't it all strange and stuff? I don't want to wax poetic on it, but maan... /r/badphilosophy/ ...

Ammar Aziz

filmmaker / left-wing activist / ethnographic documentarian / teacher / installation artist. Not necessarily in the same order.

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The struggle for Marxism-Leninism will lead to a classless world, celebrating the complete and real freedom of humanity. Let's continue the struggle for roses and bread for everyone and raise the scarlet high!