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County Football U21 Trials

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Wicklow GAA Online - At the County Board meeting held last night Tuesday 28.10.14, the County U21 Management were ratified. Manager Jonathan Daniels (Blessington) , Coaches/Selectors Gary Duffy (St Patricks) Alan Clark...

Winter 2014 to be COLDEST of century: UK faces arctic weather freeze in November | Nature | News

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Wicklow Weather - Heavy and persistent snow, freezing gales and sub-zero temperatures threaten to grind the country to a standstill for up to FIVE MONTHS, horrified long-range weather forecasters have warned. The im...

Einstein’s theory of relativity clashes with common sense

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Wicklow Weather - This semester, I’m teaching a first course in relativity to our students. The idea, one of the most famous theories of modern science, was first proposed in 1905 by a young patent officer who later...

1 Killed In Military Aircraft Crash Near Port Hueneme « CBS Los Angeles

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Wicklow Weather - PORT HUENEME ( — Authorities say one person was killed when a military aircraft crashed near the city of Port Hueneme in Ventura County. Early reports indicate that the crash possibly inv... - Order

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