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Beneath Angel's Wings: Gay teen coming of age novel (English Edition) eBook: E. Summers, Alice P.: Boutique Kindle

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E Summers - 'Beneath Angel's Wings' is the first story published by Elizabeth Summers and as a debut it doesn't let you down in that it's fresh and vital. I picked this story up because of the 'friendship' ang...

Test: How Amazon’s algorithms really work – myth and reality

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John Robert Marlow - The way Amazon calculates a sales rank for an ebook often seems mysterious. Does the price play a role in it, is it important to have a title enrolled in KDP Select? Nobody knows for sure, and I th...

Beyond Magenta : Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin

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E Summers - For the majority of us pronouns are simple. He or she, these words are assigned at birth and mean something about who we are, who we will be, who we’d like to become. Of course as feminists and man...

Sneak Peek of Glass Frost

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Liz DeJesus - Knox opened the door; it released a soft creak, as though it had been ages since anyone had stepped inside its threshold. It had a higher ceiling than the rest of the cottage. In the middle of the ...

An Epic Chart of 162 Young Adult Retellings | Blog

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Laura Hochman - Presenting YA RETELLINGS – an epic chart brought to you by Epic Reads. Read your way through this list of 162 young adult books that are retellings or re-imaginings of popular classic literature, m...

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