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PMI - Projects and programs are the core of any organization’s strategic initiatives — they are how change happens. Having the talent to implement those initiatives gives organizations a competitive adva...

If you had to remove the budget, timeline, or resources from a project which would you choose AND how successful or unsuccessful would it be?

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PMI - Agree with @Kiron. However from experience I know that there exist "projects" without proper budgeting. Normally those are small internal projects in low level of maturity companies. All the resour... » How To Increase Self-Awareness In Our Leadership

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Susanne Madsen - In my previous piece, I discussed why leadership should be hard in the context of how so many leaders I’ve work with are now struggling to find balance between the rising demands on their attention...

5 Project Management Software Solutions You Should Consider

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Susanne Madsen - When done right, project management software utilization offers a whole gamut of advantages: time and cost savings, real-time collaboration among stakeholders, document sharing, better productivity...

How to Avoid the Perception of Failure

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Susanne Madsen - Whose version of the truth is truer? When the project team delivers proudly but the sponsor can only frown and shake their head, there’s guaranteed to be a fundamental disconnect about project expe...

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