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NORML Responds To Latest Media Frenzy Over Pot and ‘Brain Damage’ Fears

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NORML - [excerpt] Using high–resolution MRI imaging, scientists identified specific changes in particular regions of the brain that they inferred were likely due to marijuana exposure. (Since researchers o...

NCAA Reduces Penalty for a Positive Marijuana Test

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Hemp News - The Legislative Council of the NCAA approved a measure that would reduce the penalty for a positive marijuana drug test. Currently, college athletes face a full year suspension if caught using mari...

Blake Griffin on Creationism and Justin Bieber | Culture News

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Drug Policy Alliance - Blake Griffin is one of the five or six best players in the NBA, and certainly the funniest, which you know if you've seen the deadpan ads he does with sidekick (and bunkmate) Jack McBrayer from 30...

Doug Benson's Top 5 Movies To See High on 4/20 -- Fusion.

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Doug Benson - Transcendence If you’re seeing "Transcendence," you probably regularly partake in or have thought about partaking in CrossFit, because you believe that trying to do the most visually impressive thi...

Pot Looks Psychedelic Under The Microscope, Dude | Co.Design

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Joe Rogan - Woah, dude. A new ebook shows pot in a whole new light, and it's up close and personal. Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Sativa and C. Indica features 170 different ...


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Celeb Pot Shots of the Week

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HIGH TIMES - It looks like all the celebs were celebrating Coachella this past weekend in the same way and some of them shared their love of  Mary Jane. This week we've got some celeb pot shots from 2 expected ...

The Stoned Gamer Plays South Park: The Stick of Truth

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HIGH TIMES - People often think video games are filled with too much gore and violence. The mainstream media loves to focus on first-person shooters and how they effect our way of life. Lucky for us medicated g...

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