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I was arrested in Parliament Square – where free speech should prevail | Jenny Jones | Comment is free

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Beeven Steakley - Despite all my years and experience of protests, nothing quite prepares you for how it feels to be arrested. I was far more upset than I thought I would be; in that moment you suddenly feel as if y...

Hong Kong Protesters Say the Government Represents Beijing Not Them

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GP SITES - Hong Kong and China are “one country” with “two systems.” Yet these days, pro-democracy protesters say, the emphasis is patently on “one country.” Just shy of one month into the protests paralyzing...

Advertisers of Gawker Information Connected into one Document : KotakuInAction

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Christopher Tanner - So i saw that there are many documents out there with different gawker advertisers i tried to put them into one document. make sure to email the 2top ones: US Cellular

Democracy has come to life in Parliament Square -- New Internationalist

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Peter Coville - The farcical police brutality towards Occupy Democracy is a sign the authorities are running scared, argues Hannah Martin.  A group of people are listening to Caroline Lucas MP discuss democracy an...

Hamas’s Khalid Mishal on the Gaza War, Tunnels, and ISIS

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JewishVoiceForPeace - Admittedly, it was an unorthodox way to spend Rosh Hashanah: in the company of a man who, as head of Hamas, has overseen kidnappings, rocket attacks, and suicide bombings that have claimed the live...

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