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The Games of #GamerGate: Unpacking the Latest Viral Controversy

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Sola_Fide - To the average person, video gaming doesn't typically inspire thoughts of tawdry scandals, media corruption, ideological warfare or coordinated consumer revolts. However, a debate over journalistic...

Occupy Democracy is not considered newsworthy. It should be | David Graeber | Comment is free

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Kotsos Harvey - You can tell a lot about the moral quality of a society by what is, and is not, considered news. From last Tuesday, Parliament Square was wrapped in wire mesh. In one of the more surreal scenes in ...

Georgians Occupy Secretary of State's Office To Protest Voter Suppression: 'Let Us Vote'

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KHARY PENEBAKER - by Alice Ollstein Posted on October 28, 2014 at 9:26 am "Georgians Occupy Secretary of State’s Office To Protest Voter Suppression: ‘Let Us Vote’" ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Cries of “Let us vote! Let us vot...

Disabled Women’s right to Occupy!

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Janet Helen Phillips - Interviews with Ruth Bashall (Stay Safe East), long-time activist and front line work on disability hate crime and violence against women, and others to be confirmed. Chaired by Eleanor Lisney, fou...

Government Is Beat at Its Own Game at Detroit Foreclosure Auction

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Occupy Unmasked - With a click of a button, over 6,000 Detroit properties were purchased Tuesday for just over $500 apiece. The bidding on this “blight bundle” marked the finale of an auction process whose outcome s...

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HK's Own 'Kim Jong-Un' Visits Occupy Camp on Halloween

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Tom Grundy - Share the post "NEWS – In Pictures: HK’s Own ‘Kim Jong-Un’ Visits Occupy Camp on Halloween" The main Umbrella Movement site in Admiralty received an unusual visitor this Halloween in the form of a ...

Hong Kong’s Occupy Generation -

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Louisa Lim - HONG KONG — The dramatic opening of the Occupy Central movement five weeks ago, complete with liberal use of batons, pepper spray and tear gas by the police against unarmed students, triggered a su...

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