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An Occupy-Inspired App That Helps Groups Make Actual Group Decisions | Co.Exist

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TheHumanMark - If you've ever tried to make a tough decision with a group of people online, then you've most likely done one of two things. You may have had a discussion over email, in which case the conversation...

TuitUtil Unfollowers - The most useful tool on Twitter

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Khalid Al Kohies - Tools: Utilities for keeping track of the users that you don't follow, don't follow you, stopped following you, started following you, you stopped following, you started following, your favorite tw...

Around the World in 843 Protests: Living the Most Revolutionary Times in History

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Berkin Ethem Korkmaz - If Karl Marx raised his head, he would be absolutely baffled: Revolts are shaking the world, bursting in the most unexpected places, but they rarely take power. The conditions for rebellion are as ...

F is for #FreeTopiary - Podcast Co-Host's Newest Release

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Robyn Roze - I am lucky enough to be the producer and co-host of Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books – the publishing/writing podcast – that boasts a Texas-born publishing advocate, a Scottish author as well as an ...

Armed men seize police stations in eastern Ukraine

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Brian Brown, Ph.D. - April 12, 2014: Armed pro-Russian activists occupy the police station carrying riot shields as people watch on, in the eastern Ukraine town of Slovyansk.AP DONETSK, Ukraine –  Several dozen armed m...

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