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The banana republic of big data


techcrunch.com - “The money is in the noise,” said a former poorly paid congressional staffer, now successful social media guru, when I asked why she left. A noisemaker herself, she warned, “It’s going to get loude...

The future of work manifesto


techcrunch.com - Sondra Rasch is co-founder of Konsus.com, part of the Y Combinator Winter '16 batch. We humans are hunter-gatherers domesticated into becoming farmers. Around 10,000 years ago, we discovered the wo...

Breaking news on Venezuelan protests 2014-16

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breakingnews.com - In 2014, a series of protests, political demonstrations, and civil insurrection began in Venezuela due to the country's high levels of urban violence, inflation, and chronic shortages of basic good...

Por que o Brasil gasta mais de R$ 420 mi por ano com Superior Tribunal Militar em tempos de paz - BBC Brasil

bbc.com - As Forças Armadas do Brasil contam com cerca de 350 mil militares na ativa e uma justiça especializada que funciona há 208 anos e vai consumir R$ 430 milhões dos cofres públicos este ano. Somente o...

Gett off! Why Prince’s archive is an act of defiance against pop industry capitalism

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theguardian.com - News that Warner Bros is to release a deluxe, posthumous version of Purple Rain, twice the original length – and that Prince planned the project before he died – has turned the music world febrile....

SonGlow, LLC

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Editor's note

Este e-jornal tem uma edição diária. Esse trabalho é uma homenagem simples da SONGLOW, LLC, às famílias Valadão e Bessa da Igreja Batista da Lagoinha. Louvamos a Deus pela vida do casal, Ana Paula e Gustavo e filhos que têm-se doado no ministério tanto no Brasil como no mundo, fazendo diferença, sem distinção de pessoas em seus direitos inalienáveis, e, acima de tudo, no grande amor de Cristo Jesus, Senhor nosso. Enviar seus artigos especiais mencionando @biblw ou #tags Ana Paula Valadão Esperamos poder proporcionar a todos um recurso repleto de boas novidades de vida.

Caso julgue algum artigo aqui ofensivo, Small Rivers nos permite editar. Informe-nos imediatamente: curriculowap@gmail.com.

BLOG: http://aprincesaeoprincipe.blogspot.com

Let’s Rethink What ‘Leadership’ Means in Foreign Policy

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theamericanconservative.com - As a retired lieutenant colonel for the U.S. Army, I want to be positive. Even when I’ve identified major conceptual and practical failures in the conduct of American foreign and military policy, I...

Viktor Orbán’s revision of the 1956 revolution

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politico.eu - Anti-government demonstrators protest during the celebration speech of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in front of the parliament in Budapest on October 23, 2016 | Ferenc Isza/AFP via Getty I...

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America’s Long Argument With God

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theamericanconservative.com - The Book of Joshua reports that when the people of Israel crossed the river Jordan into Canaan, the Lord ordered them to take twelve stones from the riverbed and place them in the promised land. On...

Bob Dylan, Troubadour

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theamericanconservative.com - Bob Dylan remains controversial. The recent announcement that the 75-year-old songwriter will be this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature was met with comically smug dismissals on socia...

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