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‘Multiple injured’ after huge industrial explosion in Ontario — RT News

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RT - Multiple people have been injured after a massive industrial explosion in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The explosion reportedly occurred at Veolia ES Canada Industrial Services that offers industrial c...

Isis threatens to kill British jihadis wanting to come home | World news

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The Guardian - British jihadi fighters desperate to return home from Syria and Iraq are being issued with death threats by the leadership of Islamic State (Isis), the Observer has learned. A source with extensive...

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Comedy Tweets - Julia Miller, Health and Diet columnist, investigates the Garcinia Cambogia diet to find out for herself if this super diet works. Garcinia Cambogia is the latest weight loss fad. This so called Su...

WHO | Liberia: New Ebola mobile lab speeds up diagnosis and improves care

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U.S. Embassy Bangkok - One of the challenges to bring the Ebola outbreak under control in Liberia has been lack of access locally to laboratories able to provide a quick and firm diagnosis of the disease. This month the ...

Canada's parliament building grounds reopen three days after deadly shooting | World news

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The Guardian - Canadians returned to the grounds of their parliament building on Saturday, three days after a homegrown radical rushed in armed with a rifle after shooting dead a soldier in the second attack on t...

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